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"Leo is a joy to have! I admit I spoil him a bit with toys and attention, but it makes him happy. His favorite activities involve chasing things. He likes to try to catch the squirrels and birds in the yard, and he chases the reflection of the fan i...Read More"


"Joyce turned 1 today and is as fun and loving as ever. She had a birthday party with her cousin Spot (a 9 month old Bulldog- (also from Purebred Breeders) complete with cake and presents. Bella started off as an urban city dog, taking strolls along ...Read More"


"The new baby is wonderful and everyone is super excited!!! Thank you for all your help and I look forward to working with you again."


"We would like to thank Purebred Breeders for the excellent work and professionalism. We are very blessed with Max! He is an excellent Boxer: affectionate, obedient, calm, smart, and gorgeous. He is a success in our neighborhood at Baldwin Park...Read More"