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What families are saying about their new puppies!

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Bella Rose

"My husband and I are so very happy with Miss Bella Rose. We are surprised everyday at her cleverness and quick thinking processes. She has made a very good friend with our female cat "Jazz" and they look for each other and chase each other up and do...Read More"


"Rex has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives and is loved by everyone he meets. Thank you for this beautiful little boy!"

Miss Roxie

"Miss Roxie has found a place in our hearts. We love her so very much. The name on her cover page had named her, "lovable". The name fits her so well. She is very lovable and loves to play with her toys and she really likes to give love to our Mr. Fox...Read More"

Charlie Brown

"Charlie Brown is now 7 months and we are so happy with him, he is just the sweetest, fun, intelligent boy. He is full of energy but also loves sleeping on our lap. He follows us everywhere, it is so cute. We love him soooo much!"