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"Tyson Wayne!! What a funny, adorable, sweet little boy. We bought our boy from a Purebred Breeders March 2012. Everything that was written in his bio is true. He meets all the qualities and more. Our baby was potty trained by 10 months old. Rare for ...Read More"


"It is the most playful dog I have ever seen in my life. He loves to watch tv. Play hide and suck my finger while sleeping. When I'm sad or upset she always makes me smile. She is the best thing that happened to us in life. She protects me from all ov...Read More"


"Thank you Purebred Breeders for sending me the most amazing Dachshund ever! Her name is Sophie. She turned 1 today (April 29th). It is also my birthday, so when I saw when she was born, I had to have her! Everyone there was a pleasure to deal with a...Read More"


"I would like to sincerely thank everyone that I dealt with during the process of finding and obtaining Nikka, our newest family member. She has been wonderful with the kids, our other pets, and everyone else she meets. She was a hit with the Vet an...Read More"