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"Si continues to surprise us every day. Yesterday Feb. 1, Si was watching a TV show showing French Bulldog puppies, all of a sudden he sat back and started HOWLING just like a Wolf or Husky, and nothing was audible on the TV. I have never heard a Pood...Read More"


"From the moment I saw him, a little miracle happened. Love at first sight, I got covered by kisses and love. Blacky now named Junior is truly amazing, he already was fully trained at going potty on his pads at 8 weeks old! And so proud of him...Read More"


"I can't imagine my life without my Bear!! And I can't believe he's 2 today!! "


"We got Cookie back in March and he is absolutely fab! The whole family and everyone who meets him is totally in love with him! Such a good puppy! Even his 4 year old furry sister beagle loves him!! Thank you so much purebred breeders for our gorgeou...Read More"