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Giselle of Andalasia

"We are home now with our new puppy and she is doing fabulous! She is SOOOOO much cuter, softer, and cuddlier than I could have imagined. She's like snuggling up to a cloud! We named her after Giselle of Andalasia from the Disney movie called Enchante...Read More"


"Thank you for helping me pick out Bella for my daughter and I. She brings such joy and happiness to our family that needed to be filled. Bella is doing great and growing every day. She is a healthy, happy and noisy pup! We love her very much. T...Read More"


"Spirit is a wonderful bichon, full of love, energy and a complete joyful companion."


"Ruby is a beautiful dog. She has a big yard and our other husky, (Dakota) to play with. We just had her 3rd birthday party with her dog friends and family. She is a lot of fun and loves to be outside. Thank you for a great dog. We love her very much....Read More"