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"Wiggles is an extraordinary puppy to have and our family is blessed to have her in our lives! As of today Wiggles is 30.8lbs and is 18 weeks old!"


"As you can see, he's absolutely handsome; he takes after his Father LoL. He just turned 1-years-old on 8 Aug 12, and he's exactly like I said he'd be; spoiled as Hell! But he's still the greatest thing that's happened to me for many years! Wylie is...Read More"


"Thank you all, and thanks to the breeder, who obviously took care in raising her. I was very concerned about the process of getting a pup. My daughter has allergies, so she can only tolerate a pup who does not shed. She is fine with Callie. We lo...Read More"


"Here's a picture of Marnie Sofia Mason at a year old, see how she has grown!"