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"Tyson Wayne!! What a funny, adorable, sweet little boy. We bought our boy from a Purebred Breeders March 2012. Everything that was written in his bio is true. He meets all the qualities and more. Our baby was potty trained by 10 months old. Rare for ...Read More"


"My new baby girl "Annie." She sleeps wrapped around my neck. I am so in love..."


"Thank you for Stella's birthday wishes. We adore our baby girl and would love for you to see how she's growing into a special lady!"

Sweet Pea

"She loves to run so much, we're considering renaming her Scooter - she's very fast. She plays hard then zonks out. The cats still don't know what to make of her. Both keep their distance, but the younger one (nine year old) isn't afraid of her but...Read More"