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What families are saying about their new puppies!

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"Merlot says hi to all & thanks for a great first year. "


"Here are some photos of Puck taken a few months ago. He is a real favorite in Park Slope , Brooklyn- a friend called him the Prince of Park Slope. I can not take him for a walk without people patting him. My entire building staff has joined in helpin...Read More"


"Bandi is so precious & is beautiful! She arrived safe & was quiet for awhile then after food, water and peeing on the pad she was a spitfire playing all over the house with her new toys! She was so worth the wait - we r in love! "


"Now 6 months old, Baxter is a sweet, gentle and cherished member of our family. We are so in love with him and can’t thank Purebred Breeders enough for bringing us together. Our lives are filled with additional joy and fun."