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What families are saying about their new puppies!

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"Burberry turned two!!! This guy is the happiest, cutest dog ever! We're so lucky to have him in our family :) "


"Just wanted to let you know Onyx (previously Marley) is doing just fine. He's getting so big & has been kinda lazy the last 24 hrs from getting 5 shots including Rabies but usually he's all over the place. "


"This is the best dog I've ever had or have known. He's the first dog I've ever raised from a puppy, and it was a great experience."


"We wanted a large Yorkshire Terrier and we got one. He is 12 pounds and all muscle. He is one smart dog. He created some of his own games. He now throws the ball and makes use go retrieve it, hides toys and makes use go find them. I'm not sure who th...Read More"