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"My master's name is Jerry. He was very surprised to see me. I am his birthday present. I just love to follow him around. "

Classic Beau

"What a great addition to our family! Lively, healthy, fun, beautiful! He's a fabulous pup!"


"When I lost my dog (Buddy) I was so devastated. My husband and I decided to browse through Purebred Breeders and see if we could find a puppy that reminded us of our beloved buddy. Luckily, we came across Baley (which now is Bailey) and it was love a...Read More"


"Cameron arrived safely and in good health.  His first night away from "mom" went smoothly.  He slept through the night, has been going potty outside like a good dog, and has been very playful.  He is already fetching for his two middle-school aged...Read More"