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What families are saying about their new puppies!

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"As Mishti celebrates her second birthday, I offer my gratitude to Purebred Breeders for sending such a perfect pup! "


"Thanks again for all your help. As you can see, he is settled in and loving his new home. "

Ahleeah and Charlie

"It took me only a few seconds to fall in love with these two babies, Ahleeah and Charlie! We found Charlie first but he was the youngest so we waited a couple extra weeks for him to arrive! He is just perfect! Ahleeah arrived as a tiny little bundle...Read More"

Charlie Brown

"Charlie Brown is now 7 months and we are so happy with him, he is just the sweetest, fun, intelligent boy. He is full of energy but also loves sleeping on our lap. He follows us everywhere, it is so cute. We love him soooo much!"