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For most dog owners in Texas, the toughest challenge has been to find a good breeder. This is why at Texas Sheltie Breeders, we have done the running around for you. We screen our breeders and only work with those who follow our policies. Our trained puppy counselors help you in finding the right breed and puppy. Our puppies are thoroughly examined for health concerns before they join your family. We do all this because we believe you don't just bring home a puppy, instead you bring home a relationship!

Though not breeders ourselves, we place puppies in caring lifelong homes in Texas and across the US. All of the puppies available on this website are from our exclusive national network of the finest breeders and may not necessarily be located in Texas. Shipping is available.

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Finding a Shetland Sheepdog

Finding Sheltie puppies for sale in Texas is not that easy. Although there are lots of Shelties for sale today, you really can't be sure that they come from reputable breeders. As a responsible owner, your goal is to find puppies that have been raised by good breeders who care for the breed's line and health maintenance. Here at puppies for sale, we strive to offer you this very assurance. Our service involves linking you with only the best Sheltie breeders in Texas. Each one of these breeders has passed a rigorous checking system we have set up to ensure that they can offer quality puppies for your family.

Our services also extend beyond simply connecting you with Sheltie breeders in Texas. We also have a collection of professional puppy counselors to help with the decision making process. These counselors can provide you with in-depth information about the Sheltie and how you can best prepare for the breed. With this, you can be sure that you're getting a pooch that fits your personality and lifestyle perfectly.

Characteristics of Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog Puppies for sale in Texas is active and intelligent with a natural love for the outdoors. The breed loves to go outside and play, especially during his puppy years. Friendly and loyal, the pup bonds easily with his new family and can be trusted with children given proper training. The pooch can be a bit rambunctious at times so it's important that you play with him at least one hour each day to keep him entertained. They love to learn new tricks and appreciate new toys to play with.

Shetland Sheepdog History

According to Texas Shetland Sheepdog breeders, the breed originally started during the 1700s. They were originally used to help with herding and guarding sheep in the Shetland Islands. This is where the breed's name comes from and eventually carried on until the modern times. According to history, the Sheltie is the result of several breeding attempts, resulting to this small yet beautiful looking pooch. Records reveal that this breed is a far descendant of the Border Collie. They have also been likened to the Rough Collie thanks to their two-layer coat texture.

The Shelties became popular outside the Shetland Islands. By the year 1911, the breed has reached the United States and is being used for different dog shows. Thanks to their intelligence, teaching the pooch is easy and combined with their beautiful coat, liable to win many prizes.

Shetland Sheepdog Appearance

What's great about buying a Shetland Sheepdog puppy is that you can anticipate how the pooch will look like when growing up. The Sheltie responds to specific physical characteristics such as height, weight and temperament. Their maximum weight is 27 pounds for the male with a height of 16 inches at its highest. Females can weigh as little as 13 pounds and 13 inches in height.

Sheltie coats are the most distinctive with their long and slightly wavy strands. They have two layers of coat which requires daily grooming to remove any tangles. They have small ears which are slightly erect, placed on top of a slightly elongated head. The Sheltie's tail is long and may fall straight downwards or at an upward curve. Coat varies in length with the hest and face having shorter hair strands compared to the rest of the body. Muscular even beneath the coat, this breed often has dark eyes set in almond shape. Some Shelties have a blue-colored eye which enhances their attraction.

The coat may come in different colors ranging from black, white, tan, blue merle, sable and more. The pooch usually comes in two color combinations or even dual, depending on his ancestry.

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Our Health Check

We require all our puppies to undergo an extensive health check before they come home to you. This health check is performed by the breeder's veterinarian, who is required to fill out our Veterinary Health Report. This report, created for us by a licensed veterinarian, is designed to examine the condition of every puppy for:
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Our Partners

We believe bringing home a puppy is a huge responsibility, and we would like to ensure that our puppy parents are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to help their puppy with the transition into the new home. We have partnered with companies whose values correlate to ours in terms of responsible pet ownership.
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