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We're the smartest choice for adding a purebred or designer, playful, and healthy puppy to your family. Our selection of experienced dog breeders share in our mission to match each puppy with the perfect home. Our company was started with one intention - to provide a dependable resource for people to find happy and well behaved puppies. Our meticulous screening process that each breeder must go through before we add him or her into our network was established to ensure that our customers receive the Bichon Frise puppy they desire. A puppy that will bring years of happiness and love to their home.

If you are a Bichon Frise breeder and would like to pursue the chance of becoming a respected member of our highly valued network of devoted and experienced breeders please fill in the form below. A member of our breeder department will call you to discuss your breeding process. All of our prospective and existing Bichon Frise breeders must abide by our Breeding Standards at all times. As all of the puppies placed on our site are tracked if we determine that a breeder is not following our standards, they will be swiftly removed from our nevtwork and their puppies from our site.

If you are wanting to find the Bichon Frise puppy of your dreams please visit our puppy page to begin your search for the newest member of your home. Feel free to click on the picture of the puppy you connect with most and fill out a request for more information. If you are not quite sure which puppy would make a good fit for your family please complete our Puppy Finder form and one of our experienced Bichon Frise puppy counselors will reach out to you.

*We do not offer or advertise stud service

Breeder Testimonials

It is great being associated with Pennsylvania BichonFrise Breeders. They not just find perfect homes for my babies but I also get to interact with other reputable breeders.

— Travis

I have been with Pennsylvania BichonFrise Breeders for over 6 years and I am glad to be associated with an organization that truly understands man's best friend . I feel very comfortable when someone takes home my puppy because I know that Pennsylvania BichonFrise Breeders puppy counselors screen their customers just as stringently as they screen us!

— John

Most breeders do not have the resources and reach to educate the masses about the 'right' breeder. It is refreshing to see somebody step up to this task and save us conscientious breeders.

— Susan

I am very happy to be associated with a group that understands and respects dogs as I do.

— Brian

Pennsylvania BichonFrise Breeders found happy families for my previous litter. I still get pictures and emails from all the families. I am very happy to be a part of the Pennsylvania BichonFrise Breeders family

— Robert

I just wanted to say thank you ALL so much!!! From the beginning to the end, every one of your staff I spoke with made this process so easy. I could tell from the very first person when she interviewed me as a breeder. She was very professional in all the questions she asked, to make sure I was a breeder that you would want to list on your site. Then I was asked to provide more information and I tried my best to provide all that was needed. Then, to the WONDERFUL NEW OWNER. I have to say thank you again. I am so pleased knowing he is now at a LOVING forever home. I can't tell you how much this means to me. I REALLY love my babies and your staff took care of asking all the questions to the buyers making sure they would provide them a loving home. Any questions that I had you answered them and helped me on to the next step. I could tell right away you wanted the best for the puppy, making sure the move was an easy one for both the Breeder and future Puppy Parent. I do not breed my dogs often, but when I do you will be the first I call. I too will share with other breeders that I come in contact with about your website and staff.

— Mary

I am very happy to be a Pennsylvania BichonFrise Breeders Breeder. It feels like our intentions and goals are so similar. I feel confident about the families who buy my pups here

— Craig

It is always heart tugging to see your little pup go but I am glad Pennsylvania BichonFrise Breeders enables me to stay in touch with the family and my baby.

— Nicole

Just wanted to say we just met with James and his wife, and thank you for finding such a wonderful home for our little baby. When you are a breeder who cares so much about the health and welfare of your babies that you are there from the beginning of life till the time they leave for their new forever home, it is important to know that they are going to loving and safe homes. We are so lucky to have you as a representative for us and the final destination of our puppies because we know they are always in good hands. Again thanks so much for your time and letting us be a part of your organization.

— Vickie

I can't tell you really how happy I am. I was really not sure how all of it would go. You know... Promises and so forth. I was just floored at how quickly and how hard you all have worked taking care of selling my babies. I am amazed.

— Bridget

I just came on board with Pennsylvania BichonFrise Breeders and already can see the difference they make to families. While the process of screening has been thorough and extensive, I am glad they provide hope for the likes of us who raise dogs humanely.

— Erica