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For most dog owners in New Jersey, the toughest challenge has been to find a good breeder. This is why at New Jersey Pomeranian Breeders, we have done the running around for you. We screen our breeders and only work with those who follow our policies. Our trained puppy counselors help you in finding the right breed and puppy. Our puppies are thoroughly examined for health concerns before they join your family. We do all this because we believe you don't just bring home a puppy, instead you bring home a relationship!

Though not breeders ourselves, we place puppies in caring lifelong homes in New Jersey and across the US. All of the puppies available on this website are from our exclusive national network of the finest breeders and may not necessarily be located in New Jersey. Shipping is available.

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Are You Looking For Pomeranian Puppies in New Jersey?

If you are looking for Pomeranian puppies for sale in New Jersey, then you have come to the right place. With our Pomeranian Puppy Finder, we do all the work for you. We will help you through the process of making a commitment to take care of a new puppy that you will be letting into your life. We will provide you with helpful tips and information that will ensure that your experience will be a joyous one.

“We make sure that only the healthiest puppies from our network of trusted New Jersey Pomeranian breeders are placed into loving homes all across the US. Our puppies may come from outside New Jersey, but rest assured, we will take care of the shipping.”

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pomeranian Puppy

These are all possible and valid reasons for getting a new puppy. The only thing is that you have to consider if a Pomeranian is the kind of puppy that will fit your needs, and if you can fill the needs of a Pomeranian puppy. Your new puppy will need more than food, water and shelter for him to grow up happy and healthy.

You also have to consider about what the people around you have to say about getting a new puppy. These people might be your family members, your neighbors, or your landlord or lady. They might have some concerns that you should know about before deciding to get a new puppy.

Is the Pomeranian the Right Kind of Puppy For You?

First of all, you should consider if the Pomeranian is the kind of puppy that will suit your needs, your home space, and your lifestyle. Are you an active type of person who loves the outdoors? Are you a busy person who barely has time to clean the clutter on your desk? Do you live in a small condominium unit with no yard?

Gauging your lifestyle will give you an idea if you can afford getting a high-maintenance breed, or if you should stick to getting a puppy that is more on the low-maintenance side. That way, your puppy will not have to sacrifice his needs because you lack the time or energy to give him.

Knowing What a Pomeranian Puppy Will Need

All puppies and dogs require food, water, shelter, and love and affection, but there are special needs that need to be given to certain breeds. For example, as the Pomeranian has such a thick, fluffy coat, extra attention might be needed in his grooming, and so on. Understanding what a Pomeranian will need will give you an idea of the kind of responsibility to expect, and if you can or cannot handle it given your current lifestyle.

A Commitment with Your Pomeranian Puppy

Once you have decided into buying a puppy from one of our Pomeranian breeders in New Jersey, you will be entering a contract between you and your puppy. It means that you understand all the things your new Pomeranian puppy will need, and that you have considered everything carefully and decided that you can handle the responsibility. It also means that you understand that the bond between you and your new puppy will be for life, and that you are making a promise to your new Pomeranian that in exchange for his love and devotion, you will, in turn, give him everything he needs, and that you will guide him through a long, happy and healthy life.

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Our Health Check

We require all our puppies to undergo an extensive health check before they come home to you. This health check is performed by the breeder's veterinarian, who is required to fill out our Veterinary Health Report. This report, created for us by a licensed veterinarian, is designed to examine the condition of every puppy for:
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Our Partners

We believe bringing home a puppy is a huge responsibility, and we would like to ensure that our puppy parents are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to help their puppy with the transition into the new home. We have partnered with companies whose values correlate to ours in terms of responsible pet ownership.
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