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For most dog owners in North Carolina, the toughest challenge has been to find a good breeder. This is why at North Carolina Labradoodle Breeders, we have done the running around for you. We screen our breeders and only work with those who follow our policies. Our trained puppy counselors help you in finding the right breed and puppy. Our puppies are thoroughly examined for health concerns before they join your family. We do all this because we believe you don't just bring home a puppy, instead you bring home a relationship!

Though not breeders ourselves, we place puppies in caring lifelong homes in North Carolina and across the US. All of the puppies available on this website are from our exclusive national network of the finest breeders and may not necessarily be located in North Carolina. Shipping is available.

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Originally bred in Australia in the late 1980s in response to a woman's request for a very capable guide dog whose hair won't cause her husband's allergies to act up, the Labradoodle has evolved into one of the most popular breeds in the United States. As suggested by their breed name, Labradoodles are dogs that combine many of the qualities of Labrador Retrievers and Poodles. They are gentle and easily trainable like their Labrador Retriever ancestors and they possess the hypoallergenic and slow-shedding characteristics of their Poodle ancestors, but the bottom line is that they make wonderful canine companions for people of all ages and lifestyles. Read on and you will see that buying a Labradoodle puppy may be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make.

Labradoodles and What Makes Them Special

Labradoodles are known for being some of the most versatile dogs in spite of the fact that their Labrador Retriever and Poodle ancestors were originally used to help hunters spot and collect birds and other species of wild game. Labradoodle puppies for sale in North Carolina can serve as family companions and service dogs because of their love of physical activity, their intelligence, their caring attitude, their cheerful disposition, their ability to adapt to people of different personalities, and their lack of hostility. They are so friendly that they may even immediately see complete strangers as good company. This characteristic can be of great help whenever you bring your Labradoodle outdoors to meet new people and dogs.

The tricky part is in finding a Labradoodle that possesses everything that makes the breed very popular. Unless you have the necessary experience in dog breeding, you won't be able to tell the difference between a first-generation Labradoodle (i.e. one whose parents belong to different breeds) and a multi-generation Labradoodle (i.e. one whose parents are both Labradoodles). Only a multi-generation Labradoodle will have the health, features, intelligence, and temperament regarded as standard for the breed. You need not worry, though, since you can trust us and our partnership with accredited Labradoodle breeders in North Carolina to make the process of selecting the right Labradoodle puppy much easier for you.

What to Remember before Buying a Labradoodle Puppy

In the case of your Labradoodle, there are certain needs that you have to provide for him in addition to food, shelter, and medical attention. In order for your Labradoodle to be a healthy and happy dog even as he grows old, his mind and body must be regularly challenged. You are therefore responsible for teaching him tricks and playing games with him that will develop his mental and physical ability. For your Labradoodle to truly enjoy the benefits that come from doing all of those things, you must be creative enough to present him with new challenges when the old ones become too easy. Otherwise, if he keeps on doing the things he has always done, it will become increasingly hard for his mind and body to adapt to anything new for his own good, thus proving the proverb that an old dog can't be taught new tricks.

You can rest assured that all of the puppies for sale from accredited North Carolina Labradoodle breeders have the health, capabilities, and temperament that will make them open to continued mental and physical exercises at the hands of their new owners. As long as you clearly establish yourself as the leader of the pack, your dog will gladly submit himself to Labradoodle puppy training. Such training guarantees two things. Your Labradoodle will always have the agility and the intelligence that make the breed highly popular, and you will have a faithful furry friend who is sure to give you many years of happiness.

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Our Health Check

We require all our puppies to undergo an extensive health check before they come home to you. This health check is performed by the breeder's veterinarian, who is required to fill out our Veterinary Health Report. This report, created for us by a licensed veterinarian, is designed to examine the condition of every puppy for:
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Our Partners

We believe bringing home a puppy is a huge responsibility, and we would like to ensure that our puppy parents are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to help their puppy with the transition into the new home. We have partnered with companies whose values correlate to ours in terms of responsible pet ownership.
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