A Cavalier Puppy's Welcome

Getting the right Cavalier puppy is always a joyful addition to a home. Can you imagine a loyal companion always eager to see you and wants to give you affection and love? It is very important to plan your Cavalier puppy's welcome. They should feel the warmth and affection the very first time they reach home. This will help them adapt to their environment faster. Make sure that you introduce your puppy to the rest of the family and prepare your family in accommodating the newest addition to your household.

Once you have picked from the list of Cavalier puppies and Illinois purebred puppies for sale, the next thing that you need to complete are getting the dog supplies, such as a crate, toys and water bowls. Expect to receive a shy and nervous puppy the first time you welcome him to your home, but with the right adjustment and making him feel at ease, he should be able to settle in after a few days.

Adjustment and Settling in with your Cavalier

After making sure that you only get the best puppy from a reputable Cavalier breeders Illinois directory, you should be at ease. While this is true, you should also bear in mind that his attitude and temperament will depend on how you train your puppy once he reaches your home and leaves the breeders. Each puppy has his own unique qualities and personality. Also, each puppy has their own time in adjusting to the new environment, so expect some puppies to adjust faster while others remain timid and shy for a few days more. Be sensitive to your pup's feelings so that you can adjust better with them. By making them feel welcome and loved the adjustment and transition period will be smoother than you think.

What the First Two Weeks with Your Cavalier Feels Like

Now that you have taken that major step towards buying Cavalier from a list of Cavalier puppies for sale in Illinois, make sure that you have researched beforehand how you would handle your new companion in its first two weeks in your home. Prepare and plan on how it will be adjusting well after taking it home with you. It is very important that you never leave him alone for a couple of weeks so that he will not get scared, feel lonely, and anxious. The first two weeks are very crucial for the both of you, so make it worth your time and effort.

Remember that this is new territory for your Cavalier puppy, so it is only natural for him to be curious and would like to snoop around. Time and adjustment is needed for your puppy to know where to poop, to eat and to rest. Make sure that you teach them where to do these things within the first two weeks and enforce house rules immediately.

Puppy-proof Your Home

After buying a Cavalier puppy, the next step is to puppy-proof your home and shop around for the necessary supplies before his arrival. Cavaliers are highly inquisitive and are very curious, so he will go around your house. Make sure that all your electrical cords are not within your puppy's reach. Also keep all toxic chemicals stored away for your puppy's safety. Install gates or barriers so that they will not get into areas that they are not suppose to be in like your home office and stairs. To aid in their teething stage give them chew toys.

Cavalier's First Time at the Vet

While you have done everything in your power to ensure that you are getting only a happy and active Cavalier puppy, bear in mind that genetics is still a factor when it comes to their overall health and general wellness. After getting your puppy from a responsible breeder, set an appointment with a vet right away to make sure that your puppy has been vaccinated and de-wormed. For your vet's reference, bring his complete medical records for better medical assessment.

How to Select your Cavalier Puppy

To have your own peace of mind, make sure that you do your own homework and browse through our Illinois tips for buying a Cavalier for more detailed information on how to select and take care of your Cavalier puppy.

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