Guide to Buying a Puppy

Welcoming the West Highland Terrier Puppy in Your Home

Buying a West Highland Terrier puppy is not something that can be done overnight. You have to think about how the puppy will fit in your home, family and lifestyle. The good news is that it's not hard to have the puppy as part of your life. A highly adaptable breed, this puppy can adapt easily with other pets. They actually make ideal breeds for families, since the West Highland Terrier is not only friendly to people in general, but also relates well with kids when given proper training.

Bringing the West Highland Terrier Puppy Home

Prior to finding West Highland Terrier Puppies for sale in Florida, you should first make sure that your house is ready for the new member of the family. Remember that the puppy just got separated from the litter, so what they need now is to obtain the same level of comfort and security they had with the breeder. Make sure to have everything ready, from the puppy's bed to their food. Introduce the pooch around the house, while at the same time ensuring the puppy that, although they are part of the pack, they are outranked by everyone else.

First 14 Days with a West Highland Terrier

The first two weeks is crucial for the puppy, as well as for the owner. You should make sure to establish a routine as soon as the puppy gets home. It's understandable that you would want to cuddle the new family friend and spoil them, but this could make the puppy think that they outrank you. Instead, be firm yet loving with your dealings, letting the puppy know that there are boundaries in the home that they are not allowed to cross. A good way of doing this would be keeping doors closed in certain rooms and placing the puppy's bed and bowls in a fixed area of the house. Start potty training by placing newspapers at home or taking them out to a specific spot at specific times is also a good idea.

How to Make the Home West Highland Terrier Proof

The West Highland Terrier is a highly energetic breed, and as a puppy they can display tremendous amounts of energy. This is why you need to make sure that your puppy will not encounter anything in the house that could be damaged. For example, remove anything from the floor that shouldn't be chewed on. Close doors to prevent them from entering or exiting and place barricades in stairs where needed. Giving the puppy a specific place to play in, together with toys to keep the pup entertained, will ensure that the home remains safe from the puppy and vice versa.

Unique Behavior to West Highland Terrier Puppies

West Highland Terrier puppies and Florida purebred puppies tend to become overexcited over everything. The pooch will love to play and craves attention from humans. This behavior means that you will need to invest more time on the puppy, especially since the pooch needs reassurance in the new environment. Their natural inclination to hunt makes them very curious dogs inside the house. As “pack members”, it is also important for you to emphasize dominance over the puppy to ensure obedience.

West Highland Terrier Puppy Routine

Routine is very important for puppies, since it gives them a sense of confidence in the house. With a routine, the puppy will know exactly when to go outside, when to eat, and when to play. Even better, establishing a routine will make it easier for you to create a schedule that accommodates your lifestyle perfectly. Remember that everything you do is considered training so be consistent at all times. This way, the puppy will not grow confused.

West Highland Terrier First Vet Visit

The West Highland Terrier breeders Florida you got the puppy from will provide you with the dog's health documents that you can give to the vet. This will update them on what shots the puppy already had and what other vaccinations are missing. Your first visit should be done as soon as you get the puppy to ensure that they are in perfect health. Make sure to be there so that your puppy will not get too nervous in the presence of a vet.

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