As our Havanese puppy info will show, this breed can become a wonderful companion for anyone. The Havenese' need to constantly socialize means that they will do anything to gain approval, and these dogs have enough energy for it. Much of the bonding between a Havanese and his owner will be done through your interaction with the pup, but in order to truly experience the warm and lasting companionship of a faithful furry friend, an owner must do his or her part and provide everything needed for the little pooch.

Feeding your Havanese Puppy

Florida Havanese puppy care tips recommend a mixed diet. A typical diet would be mostly kibble, with canned dog food only as a supplement. Although canned food is still necessary because it is much easier for your puppy to chew and digest, it does not contain as many essential nutrients as the dry variety. Feed your puppy no more than 4 meals a day, with 2 dry meals of 1/3 cup of kibble each and 2 wet meals of 2 tablespoons of canned food each.

Water is another important consideration. Always make sure your puppy has access to fresh, clean water, whenever he needs it.

Your Havanese Puppy's Health

Havanese puppies don't get sick as easily as other toy dogs. Nonetheless, Florida Havanese puppy health care calls for regular vet visits, as opposed to treating your pooch's ailments by yourself or leaving everything to chance.

Although the breeders who took care of your puppy prior to adoption already made sure he got the needed vaccinations, one of your responsibilities is to see to it that he gets the other essential vaccinations and treatments in the years to come. Such puppy health care can only be provided by a qualified vet. Contact a vet in your community, or ask any of our counselors for help, in finding one for your puppy.

Puppy Grooming Tips

Havanese puppy advice for Florida also mentions grooming tips for your dog. Unless you're planning on entering your puppy in a dog show where the judges are concerned with flair, be practical and keep your dog's hair trimmed short. Longer hair must be brushed every day so it won't get tangled. Also, set aside some time every week to give your pooch a thorough bath.

Brushing your dog's teeth must also be done regularly. Tartar buildup and other problems are common among dogs that regularly eat canned food, but removing it from your puppy's diet is not advised because it will deprive him of an inexpensive and readily available nutritional supplement.

Havanese Puppies Need Exercise, Too

Havanese puppies need to exercise, but they don't need a lot of it just to stay in shape. Even a small one-room apartment has enough space for your Havanese to run around and play to his heart's content. Another good thing about Havanese is you don't always have to exercise along with them to encourage them to do the same; your mere presence is all the encouragement your dog will ever need.

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