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How to Train Your Great Dane Puppy

Buying Great Dane puppies for sale in Florida can stir excitement from your family. But your new puppy may be anxious at first as he is still in the process of transitioning to a new environment and adapting to new rules. You can ease the anxiety of your new puppy by helping him adjust. This can be done through proper Great Dane puppy training.

Housetraining is simply introducing a new routine to your new buddy. This way, he can relax and settle in. Keep in mind however that this kind of training calls for time and patience. While it may mean exerting effort on your part, know that the results can be rewarding.

How to Train Your Great Dane Puppies Basic Obedience

You should start house training your new pooch as soon as you welcome him to your home. Start by introducing him to the family. Give him some time to rest before moving in to orienting him to the crate.

It is also a good idea to start with house breaking him. Keep in mind that pooches go potty usually after meals, in the morning and before they sleep. Put him in the crate and take him out only during these times when he may be inclined to go potty. It is unlikely for your pup to go potty in the same place where he sleeps and eats.

Be Mindful about Your Great Dane Puppy's Temperament

Your Great Dane pooch may not be like other highly energetic breeds. But he still needs to be trained for socialization. You have to train him so he can also get used to being around people and other dogs.

As you try to socialize him, be reminded that Great Danes are sensitive dogs. That means your buddy's feelings may get hurt easily. Be gentle when you are training him. Speak in a kind manner and always use positive reinforcement. This will lead to better results and also strengthen the bond between you and your buddy.

How to Use Positive Reinforcement When Training Your Great Dane Puppy

One suggested method is using a clicker training. It is positive reinforcement in action. It will facilitate the process of learning desired behaviors in your pooch. This particular Florida Great Dane dog training method uses the reward system. He knows he will receive a reward when he hears the click sound. Through this system, you can effectively reinforce desired behaviors.

Other Training Options for Your Great Dane Puppy

You can do Great Dane house training in Florida yourself. If you do not have the time however, you can enroll your pooch in kindergarten classes. While the main objective is to teach him basic obedience, he may also learn other things. Training with other dogs makes him more sociable. It can also be an enjoyable experience for him.

There are trainers too who may agree to training your puppy at your home. This results to customized training as the trainer can adjust his methods to match your home environment.

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