Guide to Buying a Puppy

Some California tips for buying a Poodle puppy

Poodles adore children and fit in well with all family members, including other family dogs. The Standard variety is a little more laid back than the other varieties, but they all require an exercise routine. This is a breed of dog that carries themselves proudly and is very intelligent, which makes obedience training an easy task. They are voice sensitive, meaning they can sense authority in their owner's voice. They require firm leadership and good obedience training to allow them to take their rightful place in the family. You will certainly find California Poodle breeders available when you are looking to buy a Poodle puppy, but it really is important to take your time and find the right pup that has all the characteristics that is perfect for your family.

Choosing the right Poodle Pup for you

It can be almost overwhelming when you see all the California Poodle puppies for sale and have to decide on only one. To help you narrow down your choices there are some things that you need to consider first. The size of the Poodle may be important to you, especially if you live in small quarters. If that's the case, you may want to consider the Toy or Miniature variety. If you have small children, then perhaps the Standard Poodle puppy would be a better choice as they are quite a bit bigger. If you prefer a pup with a little less energy, then the Standard Poodle may be an option. Poodles by nature are more of an indoor dog but they must have regular exercise, and they do enjoy playing outdoors. They are very family orientated but they do demand good obedience training so it is made clear that you are leader of the pack. Your Poodle puppy will also need a good grooming routine to keep his coat clean so he looks as impressive as he truly is.

Getting your California Poodle settled into his new home

The first day of the arrival of your Poodle puppy will be one that is most exciting, but also one where you will need to keep everyone in control. Your new arrival will be a little anxious as everything is new to him. It is important that the family members know this and give the pup a chance to get used to his surroundings, without smothering him in love during his first few hours home. He will need some rest time. Showing him right away where he needs to go to relieve himself will be his first lesson in housebreaking. Put him in his puppy crate for some short rests and quiet time during the day, and this will also help him get ready for his night time sleeping routine. You will soon find that once everyone in the home has adjusted to the newest family member that the pup will quickly fit into a routine.

Setting a Poodle puppy routine

Feeding the pup at the same time and in the same place every day will help your puppy fit in with the housebreaking routine. Setting boundaries as to where he is allowed to go throughout the home is important, especially while he is still in potty training. His daily routine should also include his outdoor exercise, grooming and play time. Apart from these activities, if your Poodle pup is allowed to socialize with the family in general, he is sure to be a happy and healthy family member.

Your pup's first vet visit

The pup that you have found through Poodle Puppies for Sale in California will be given a certified health check and will have had his first round of vaccinations. In order to keep him in good health, you now need to find yourself a good California vet. On your pup's first visit he will need his rabies and kennel cough vaccinations, and an additional shot of Parvo vaccine. Although your puppy was likely dewormed while under the care of the breeders, some puppies require some additional treatment and your vet will determine if this is necessary. You can also talk to your vet as to what you need to do at home by way of health maintenance to keep your puppy happy and healthy.

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