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For most dog owners in California, the toughest challenge has been to find a good breeder. This is why at California Cavalier Breeders, we have done the running around for you. We screen our breeders and only work with those who follow our policies. Our trained puppy counselors help you in finding the right breed and puppy. Our puppies are thoroughly examined for health concerns before they join your family. We do all this because we believe you don't just bring home a puppy, instead you bring home a relationship!

Though not breeders ourselves, we place puppies in caring lifelong homes in California and across the US. All of the puppies available on this website are from our exclusive national network of the finest breeders and may not necessarily be located in California. Shipping is available.

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Finding a King Charles Spaniel Made Hassle-Free

Upon realizing just how adorable a Cavalier puppy is, you would surely search for the best means of bringing one home. Soon enough, though, you will realize that in order to succeed in such a puppy-search pursuit, finding credible Cavalier breeders in California is certainly crucial. We solely exist to help you accomplish such a task; after all, our website is essentially a vast database of the most trustworthy of breeders. In this sense, if you would really want to enjoy life with a new canine companion, it is definitely a must to browse the listings on our website as soon as possible. However, if you would like to know more about the various facets of being a dog owner, you should read on.

The King Charles Spaniel and Your Responsibilities

It cannot be denied that the King Charles Spaniel is among the most impressive of pooches; not only is it friendly and intelligent, it is also truly beautiful. You should always keep in mind, though, that being an owner of such a magnificent puppy is not merely about flaunting your pet to the world; indeed, being a dog owner also comes with responsibilities. Not only would it be necessary for you to make sure that your canine companion remains as healthy as possible, it would also be a must to attend to your puppy's emotional needs. Furthermore, allowing your pooch to engage in proper King Charles Spaniel puppy training is crucial as well. All in all, it is by carrying out such responsibilities that you show your love to your dog.

Considering Dog Breeds and the King Charles Spaniel

As pointed out, being a responsible puppy owner is a must. It is for this very reason that you should thoroughly think about matters regarding breed before opting to purchase a King Charles Spaniel. To explain further, it is always vital to determine whether the characteristics of the aforesaid pooch actually match your expectations from an ideal canine companion. Simply put, while getting in touch with trustworthy California Cavalier breeders, it would definitely be most beneficial to gather insights regarding aspects such as temperament and sociability. In addition, you should also find out just how much a King Charles Spaniel changes when it grows older, allocating sufficient time to discover any shifts in terms of its necessities.

Taking Note of the King Charles Spaniel's Necessities

Without a doubt, taking a dog's necessities into account before buying a King Charles Spaniel puppy is crucial. As partially mentioned beforehand, a puppy has health-related needs; aside from making sure that its nutritional requirements are fulfilled, you also need to keep your canine companion in tip-top shape by bringing it to a veterinarian regularly and playing with it outdoors from time to time. As to be expected, you would have to keep your pooch safe as well. For one, puppy proofing your home becomes a vital task once you choose to be a proud dog owner. Of course, you would also need to shower your canine companion with genuine affection; indeed, a King Charles Spaniel thrives on its master's love and attention. If you have any questions, just ask any of the breeders that have Cavalier puppies for sale in California.

Having a Fulfilling Life with a King Charles Spaniel

Having a puppy by your side would surely make you happy; nonetheless, you should always remember that it is also essential to keep your pooch as cheerful and content as possible. Hence, while searching for King Charles Spaniel puppies for sale in California, it is only to be expected that you would also seek more information about a dog owner's life and duty. After all, your mind would probably be filled with queries on the specifics of how to please a pooch. While we neither directly sell pups nor do we have in-house breeders, we are capable of helping you in your quest to find the ideal canine companion. No matter what your question might be, never hesitate to ask us. Indeed, it is our goal to allow you to live a fulfilling life with a pup.

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Our Health Check

We require all our puppies to undergo an extensive health check before they come home to you. This health check is performed by the breeder's veterinarian, who is required to fill out our Veterinary Health Report. This report, created for us by a licensed veterinarian, is designed to examine the condition of every puppy for:
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We believe bringing home a puppy is a huge responsibility, and we would like to ensure that our puppy parents are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to help their puppy with the transition into the new home. We have partnered with companies whose values correlate to ours in terms of responsible pet ownership.
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