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"Copper is now Beauregard, and is quite a great, Great Dane. He is well trained and my daily companion, keeping me entertained and occupied while enjoying my retirement. He is quite large, and happily drinks his water out of the kitchen sink, if I a...Read More"


"My husband and I are empty nesters/retired. I felt a loss, even though our kids and grandchildren keep appearing and leaving. At a young age I had a stroke. Thats when the idea of a puppy came into play. Meadow, an old hippy name soon became ours. Sh...Read More"


"Gabby is quite smart and likes to take me for long walks. She stalks geckos but has never caught one, so that's good. She is a very pretty girl and has beautiful brown eyes. She loves her friends at the dog park and enjoys catching tennis balls. She'...Read More"


"Princess Carley was an early Christmas present last year from my wife. She is the best Christmas present I have ever received. Carley is very smart, better than kids!!! Haha Carley retrieves the paper every morning and brings it inside for me, she...Read More"