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Heidi the Shihpoo

Heidi (ID 422883)

Heidi is a female black & white Shihpoo puppy.

She was born on June 9, 2015, so she's 17 weeks old now.

Heidi is a loving girl that is looking for her new home. Fluffy and bubbly, her energy captures your heart! She looks forward each day to our kids... [read more]


Ruby the Shihpoo

Ruby (ID 421721)

Ruby is a female red brindle Shihpoo puppy.

She was born on July 2, 2015, so she's 13 weeks old now.

Ruby is ready to fill that empty spot in your family and become your best friend! She adores playing with her puppy pals but is never too busy to... [read more]


Teddy Bear the Shihpoo

Teddy Bear (ID 431110)

Teddy Bear is a male black Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on July 29, 2015, so he's 9 weeks old now.

Meet Teddy Bear! He is a sweet and gentle little guy. His parents have great personalities that have passed to Teddy Bear. He will come to you... [read more]


Paisley the Shihpoo

Paisley (ID 429178)

Paisley is a female brown Shihpoo puppy.

She was born on August 18, 2015, so she's 7 weeks old now.

Paisley is the image of her mother! She is solid brown and a little lady. She already loves being picked up and cuddled and has started to play... [read more]


Evan the Shihpoo

Evan (ID 430802)

Evan is a male black Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on July 16, 2015, so he's 11 weeks old now.

Wow! What a cutie you have found here! This little guy will be sure to steal your heart away with just one look into those puppy eyes. Evan is as... [read more]


Madison the Shihpoo

Madison (ID 418964)

Madison is a male black Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on May 30, 2015, so he's 18 weeks old now.

This is Madison. He is the tried and true companion that youd be lucky to have. You can rely on Madison to always make you laugh with all the... [read more]


Leo the Shihpoo

Leo (ID 426247)

Leo is a male black Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on July 5, 2015, so he's 13 weeks old now.

Wow! Leo has it all! He has looks, brains, and personality. What else could you want from a puppy? He is very laid back and wants to be your... [read more]


Donnie the Shihpoo

Donnie (ID 426249)

Donnie is a male black Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on July 5, 2015, so he's 13 weeks old now.

Donnie says who needs a cat, when he is the cat's meow. He is the cutest baby boy with rich, silky black hair and white highlights to make him... [read more]


Vicky the Shihpoo

Vicky (ID 426050)

Vicky is a female black Shihpoo puppy.

She was born on July 5, 2015, so she's 13 weeks old now.

Meet Vicky, she has to be the sweetest baby girl ever. She just sits there as you dress her up and put bows in her hair. She is all ready to be... [read more]


Mikey the Shihpoo

Mikey (ID 426244)

Mikey is a male black Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on July 5, 2015, so he's 13 weeks old now.

Mikey is so adorable! Just look at his rich black color and see the white markings that are perfectly placed. To complete his look, he has the... [read more]


Dill (Found My New Home!) the Shihpoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Dill (Found My New Home!) (ID 421845)

Dill is a male brindle & white Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on June 24, 2015, so he's 14 weeks old now.

Am I the puppy you have been dreaming of? Im very handsome, like my daddy who is a handsome Poodle, and I'm smart like my beautiful Shih Tzu... [read more]

"Montana, here I come!"

Tink (Found My New Home!) the Shihpoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Tink (Found My New Home!) (ID 421850)

Tink is a male gray sable Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on June 24, 2015, so he's 14 weeks old now.

"Hi, my name is Tink! I have silky soft hair which is sure to tickle your fancy. My coat is also non-shedding. I am a boy who enjoys my bubble... [read more]

Going to Montana!

Cinnamon (Found My New Home!) the Shihpoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Cinnamon (Found My New Home!) (ID 422159)

Cinnamon is a female gold brindle Shihpoo puppy.

She was born on June 24, 2015, so she's 14 weeks old now.

"Hi, my name is Cinnamon. I would love to be your little girl! I'm clever, loving, and like to explorer. You would have so much fun teaching me... [read more]

"I can't wait to see Washington!"

Flower (I Found My Forever Home!) the Shihpoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Flower (I Found My Forever Home!) (ID 429180)

Flower is a female brown Shihpoo puppy.

She was born on August 18, 2015, so she's 7 weeks old now.

Flower will steal your heart very quickly with her soft brown baby eyes. Then when she gives you a kiss, you will be hooked for life. She is very... [read more]

Going to California!

Bandit (Amy's Beautiful New Baby Boy!) the Shihpoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Bandit (Amy's Beautiful New Baby Boy!) (ID 430801)

Bandit is a male black Shihpoo puppy.

He was born on July 16, 2015, so he's 11 weeks old now.

Meet Bandit! He is as handsome and loving as they come. Bandit will be sure to win your heart over with just one look. This little pup is always... [read more]

California's newest resident!


Shihpoo is an adorable crossbreed perfect for indoor home life. This breed is among the perfect companion dogs, as they love to be around people. They only need moderate levels of exercise that can easily be adapted to their owner’s lifestyle. Browse through our breeders' Shihpoo puppies for sale and see how adorable and lovable they are. The puppies all come from reputable Shihpoo breeders so you are assured that the puppy you bring home is as healthy as they come.

Find Shihpoo Puppies for Sale

Our mission is to help you find Shihpoo puppies that you can bring home and start a long-lasting relationship with. Finding that one pup that fits perfectly right in your life can be quite a task. To spare you of all the trouble, we offer you Shihpoo puppies for sale that comes only from trustworthy breeders. Our mission does not end in finding healthy Shihpoo for sale. We also provide you with important information about this breed to help you have a better understanding to help you provide better care for them.

Breed Summary

Before you bring home one, there are a few Shihpoo dog breed info you should know. This breed is a perfect companion dog, needing moderate levels of exercise that can easily be modified to fit your lifestyle. They also need to live indoors. This breed can fit well into families with children, with seniors and with singles. They also live well in apartments or in houses with or without any yards. Generally, Shihpoo characteristic that most owners love is that they love to cuddle on their owner’s laps. They can also be fun, spunky and playful. They also love to be the center of attention. For more on this breed, go to our Facts page. See how adorable Shihpoos can be.

Perfect Matched Breed

Shihpoos adapt well to any kind of home environment. If you want to bring home one, we can help. Finding a healthy puppy with a good temperament from trusted Shihpoo breeders is a huge challenge. We make things more convenient for you. We already have am efficient Shihpoo adoption process dedicated to finding the right homes for our adorable Shihpoos. Our process makes sure that new owners get matched Shihpoo puppies that will fit right into their homes. With our puppy placement process, we help each puppy find a new home where they can be of joy to their new families.

Facts - Overview

Shihpoo dog breed is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Toy/Miniature Poodle. They make perfect companion dogs as they love to be around people. Shihpoos have magnetic personalities that can charm other people. They only need moderate exercise such as walks or a few hours of active indoor play. They like playing with squeaky toys or chase after balls. They also love playing with stuffed toys by dragging them around the house.

Older children who know how to be respectful around dogs do well living with Shihpoos. Toddlers and smaller children may require supervision around Shihpoos as this breed does not tolerate rough handling well. They also make good watchdogs, though they may become yappy if not trained well.

They love to hear their own barking, and can go on barking and yapping all day and all night long. Training should start as early as possible. Shihpoos may become a bit stubborn and be difficult to train, depending on what traits they inherited from their parents. At best, they can be eager to please and easily motivated to follow instructions. Positive reinforcements are more effective during training sessions, such as giving treats and appropriate praises.

Housetraining puppies may prove to be time-consuming and require constant attention. Owners have to be on the lookout for any indication that the puppy needs to go. It may take an entire year of this before the puppy can be reliable inside the house. Grooming is generally easy, depending on the inherited coat appearance. Some Shihpoos may look better with professional grooming every 4 weeks or so.

Shihpoo breed info may vary slightly in each dog, as personalities are influenced by their parents’ temperaments and personalities, as well as how their litter was treated by their mothers. In general, with proper training, Shihpoos can grow up to be easy going, lovable dogs that are a delight to live with.

Facts - Personality

Most people think that cross breeds combine only the good traits from each parent breeds. However, even the most seasoned breeders cannot accurately predict how the litter turns out. The best and healthiest puppies come from parents that are of good health and temperaments.

Also, good Shihpoo temperament results from how well the litter was treated by their mother, as well as with proper training. The amount of socialization they get while growing up also helps in shaping the type of temperament they eventually develop. In general, Shihpoo are easy-going and comfortable around people. They are naturally playful and love to be the center of their owner’s attention.

They are also energetic and love to have fun. They have magnetic personalities and are very engaging. Some, though, may have inherited shyness and wariness around strangers from their parents. Getting them to socialize as frequent as possible helps to bring out the natural cheerfulness and accepting behavior towards other people and other dogs as well. While Shihpoo personality sits well with children, they do not tolerate rough play and hair pulling that is common when playing with toddlers. Older children who know how to behave around dogs are much better with this dog breed.

Consistent barking may become a nuisance if training isn’t timed well. These adorable dogs love the sound of their own barking, which can go on for hours, even through the night if not curbed early. Training them to quiet down on command may prove to be a difficult part of training. But with patience, understanding and consistency, they can become a delight to live with.

Facts - Care

Proper Shihpoo care includes proper diet, adequate exercise, as well as regular grooming. All these help to mold a well-adjusted, sociable, and healthy Shihpoo. Care requires commitment as these dogs may be quite a challenge to train. Puppies can become a handful, especially if they were not socialized early and if they inherited a few behavioral challenges from their parents.

Shihpoo puppy care primarily involves house training, which is quite the most challenging portion of training. Owners need to dedicate time in getting their puppies properly housetrained. For most puppies, it may take a year before housetraining becomes successful. Crate training can reduce the potty training time, though, this may still require supervision. Some of these puppies don’t mind soiling their crates.

They can get quite stubborn, stemming from inherited Poodle characteristic. Shihpoo training requires positive reinforcements as motivators. Puppy treats and praise help to make training sessions more fun and rewarding. Keep training sessions short, as these dogs have short attention spans. Forcing them to keep training when they are no longer interested will only make them more stubborn instead of being more obedient.

Carefully structure the training activities in order to achieve better results over a shorter period.

Facts - Grooming

Shihpoos have varying types of coats, hair and color. These qualities depend on what inherited traits turn out to be more dominant. The fur can be long and straight, short and curly or in between. Most Shihpoos have wavy hair. Colors also vary, which may be from any of their parents or in various mixtures. In the same litter, the puppies may exhibit wide differences in their appearance. Professional Shihpoo grooming makes the coats look at their best, which can be done every 4-6 weeks.

Bikini wax (shaving the rear and genital areas) is not necessary. However, hair in these areas needs to be kept short to avoid staining with urine, and feces getting caught in the hair. This also helps prevent stinking up the Shihpoo’s coat. Brushing the coats should be done every 2 days to avoid tangles and mats. Also, bathing should be done regularly, in between visits to the groomer’s. Bathe once a month keeps skin problems at bay, which is common among this breed. Daily wash the face as these dogs are prone to develop tear stains. These are reddish brown stains that occur on the hair beneath their eyes. Carefully wipe the area under the eyes after washing the face to discourage the stains from setting in.

Owners also need to know how to groom Shihpoo puppies on their own because the earlier the puppy is exposed to grooming methods, the more willing he will be. Other grooming needs would include nail trimming, tooth brushing and ear cleaning. Always use grooming products that are approved by a veterinarian.

Ear cleaning should be done with cotton balls and ear cleaning solution. Avoid cleaning too deep into the dog’s ear canal, as dirt and bacteria may get lodged deep into the ears and cause infections and irritations. Brushing the teeth helps to prevent buildup of tartar and other dental problems. It also promotes gum health and prevents bad breath. Dental care is very important, especially for small dogs like the Shihpoo, as they are at higher risk for developing periodontal diseases.

Nails should be trimmed on a weekly basis, or every 2 weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow. Once you hear his nails clicking on the floors or on pavements, it is time for a trim.

Facts - Health

Like every other dog breed, either purebred or cross breeds, Shihpoohs are not totally immune to a few health problems. Common Shihpoo health concerns include those that affect Toy Poodles and Shih Tzu. The cross breed tend to inherit the health risks of both parent breeds. So, if the parents are healthy, the puppies have much lower health risks.

The breed is relatively new, so there isn’t any definite life expectancy yet. Although, breeders consider that the average Shihpoo life span is around 10 to 15 years. Shihpoos are known to be affected by dental problems. They are also prone to develop skin problems. Eye conditions such as cataracts are also common, as with most other breeds. They also have a predisposition to develop hypothyroidism, renal dysplasia, IDD (intervertebral disk disease), lung disorders, patellar luxation and Von Willebrand’s disease.

A few cases of cleft palate have also been documented in this breed. Proper Shihpoo nutrition helps in keeping them healthy and away from these health problems. Dry kibbles are important to prevent dental problems such as premature loss of teeth, bad breath, caries and gum diseases. Monitor feedings to prevent obesity and promote better health and well-being. Keep treats, as well as human food away from their reach. These dogs are smart and can think of different ways to get what they want. Be firm when it comes to giving table scraps and too much treats.

Facts - History

The history of Shihpoo breed started in the United States. It was originally bred in the quest for producing hypoallergenic dogs. The cross breeding was also designed to create smaller dogs that are easy to tote around and fit perfectly on their owner’s laps. It is, in fact, one of the modern-day designer dog breeds.

The cross breed is relatively new compared to other breeds, but are fast becoming popular. Majority of the Shihpoos today are first generation from the successful cross between a purebred Shih Tzu and a purebred Toy Poodle. It is believed that the Shihpoo cross breed started about 10-20 years ago, when the market for hypoallergenic dogs started to flourish. However, hypoallergenic traits in Shihpoo or any other cross breeds have yet to be established.

Breeders are still trying to create multigenerations of Shihpoo. Since they are dealing with the widely random genetics process, Shihpoo history is yet to see if the breed will one day become a successful multi-generational breed or not. Breeders do hope to produce enough generations to establish the Shihpoo as a type of dog breed and be recognized by the American Kennel Club.

There are a few clubs that do recognize the Shihpoo, such as the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, Designer Breed Registry, Dog Registry of America, Inc., American Canine Hybrid Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry.

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