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Bella the Morkie

Bella (ID 398316)

Bella is a female red sable Morkie puppy.

She was born on January 14, 2015, so she's 7 weeks old now.

"Hi, I'm Bella and I cannot wait to become your new baby girl. I love to play and I love to cuddle afterwards. My beautiful mom is half Maltese... [read more]


Bambi the Morkie

Bambi (ID 401947)

Bambi is a female black & fawn Morkie puppy.

She was born on January 3, 2015, so she's 8 weeks old now.

Bambi is a very sweet and loving girl! She loves to be held and cuddled with. Don't underestimate her though, she can hold her own with her... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Skeeter the Morkie

Skeeter (ID 400294)

Skeeter is a female black Morkie puppy.

She was born on January 4, 2015, so she's 8 weeks old now.

Skeeter is a prissy little doll that is just full of love and affection. She thinks she is queen of the castle. She's ready to play, but most... [read more]


Foofoo the Morkie

Foofoo (ID 401839)

Foofoo is a female apricot & white Morkie puppy.

She was born on December 25, 2014, so she's 10 weeks old now.

Meet Foofoo! She loves dashing across the room to snuggle up on your lap. Foofoo will just love the attention that I am sure you will give her.... [read more]


Sky (Lourdes's New Bff) the Morkie

Unavailable - Found a new home!Sky (Lourdes's New Bff) (ID 401060)

Sky is a female black Morkie puppy.

She was born on January 8, 2015, so she's 8 weeks old now.

“Thank you for stopping by to check me out! My name is Sky! You can search the world and not find a sweeter puppy than me. Some may say that I... [read more]

Florida's newest resident!

Macy (The Radocaj's New Baby Girl) the Morkie

Unavailable - Found a new home!Macy (The Radocaj's New Baby Girl) (ID 398503)

Macy is a female gold sable Morkie puppy.

She was born on January 3, 2015, so she's 8 weeks old now.

She is a precious, perfect puppy! Meet Macy. She is the lifelong companion you’ve been looking for. She loves to be held and spoiled. When... [read more]

Unofficial mascot of Pennsylvania!

Morkie Puppies For Sale

Use our Morkie Puppy Finder to search for Morkie Puppies for Sale. Our system can list all the Morkie Dogs for Sale so that Buying a Morkie Puppy will be easier for you with the purebred Morkie Dog Breeders listed in our network.

Morkie History

The Morkie is a hybrid of two purebred dogs, the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier, and was originally known as the Yorktese. The popularized ‘Morkie’ came from Maltese and the shortened Yorkie. Aside from Morkie, they are also known as Malkies or Malkis.

As a hybrid of two dogs, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the Morkie, though several other canine or dog clubs do. These include the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the International Designer Canine Registry, and the Designer Breed Registry.

Appearance of Morkies

There are no standards when in comes to the appearance of Morkies, as the crossing of their parents can result in different combinations of appearances. Generally, Morkies are small, like their parents, and with soft, long, flowing coat. The color of their coat will depend on their parents’ coats, but most common colors include the black and tan, apricot, brown, and white.

Morkies have small, slightly round heads, with a short pointed muzzle and a black nose. Their bright round eyes are often framed by thick eyebrows, or are partially obscured by their facial fur. Their muzzle often grows a bushy beard common in terriers. Their ears can either be inherited from either parent—flat, floppy ears from the Maltese parent, or triangular and erect ears from the Yorkie parent.

Their bushy tails can be docked or left as is. If left undocked, the Morkie’s tail is usually covered in long fur and is head above and over the back.

Adult Morkies can be anywhere from 8 inches to 12 inches tall at the shoulders, and weigh in at 3 to 10 pounds.

Morkie’s Temperament

Just like their parents, Morkies are little dogs with big personality. Morkie pups can take on the traits of either parent, or both. Morkies are very playful, active dogs. They are loyal to their human family and crave the attention he or she gets. Morkies sometimes inherit the Maltese sense of fearlessness that makes them particularly effective watch dogs.

A Morkie’s Role

Morkies are wonderful companion dogs and watch dogs as well. Their small size makes them a nice addition to families living in small homes, or in condominium units or apartments. They also live well in areas without large spaces for running, as they can be quite content in just running and playing around in the house.

Morkies can also be wonderful companions for the elderly, as their size and playful character makes them a favorite lap dog. They are okay with this, though, as they crave human attention and will be content with his or her owner showering him or her affection.

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