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Champion Bloodlines
Bentley the Miniature Pinscher

Bentley (ID 416353)

Bentley is a male black & tan Miniature Pinscher puppy.

He was born on April 10, 2015, so he's 11 weeks old now.

Bentley is a male black with traditional tan markings Miniature Pinscher. He is very playful and good with children. Bentley would make a great... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Bear the Miniature Pinscher

Bear (ID 416356)

Bear is a male black & tan Miniature Pinscher puppy.

He was born on April 10, 2015, so he's 11 weeks old now.

Bear is an AKC pup ready for his forever home. He is black with traditional tan markings. Bear is very playful and good with children. He would... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Hamlet (Benjamin's New Baby) the Miniature Pinscher

Unavailable - Found a new home!Hamlet (Benjamin's New Baby) (ID 412764)

Hamlet is a male chocolate & rust Miniature Pinscher puppy.

He was born on May 8, 2015, so he's 7 weeks old now.

Meet lil Hamlet. He is just a bundle of love and cuteness. As soon as you walk in the door he’ll be right there to greet you with his wagging... [read more]

Going to Texas!

Champion Bloodlines
Juliet the Miniature Pinscher

Unavailable - Found a new homeJuliet (ID 413813)

Juliet is a female chocolate & rust Miniature Pinscher puppy.

She was born on May 8, 2015, so she's 7 weeks old now.

Juliet is the pick of her litter. She has outstanding markings and a perfect personality. She will be the absolute best friend and her parents... [read more]


Reputable Miniature Pinscher Breeders

Our Miniature Pinscher breeders strive to breed championship-line puppies who will enrich the lives of their new families. We work with Miniature Pinscher breeders whose goal is to breed healthy Miniature Pinscher and to better the breed. The listed puppies are carefully selected by our Miniature Pinscher breeders; they breed to produce Miniature Pinscher puppies with exceptional conformation and disposition - family pets for loving homes.


Miniature Pinscher puppies are the epitome of cuteness. With their square-shaped frames, unwavering loyalty, sass, and outgoing personalities, it is hard not to fall in love with this breed. If you are interested in adopting this delightful pooch, then we can provide you with a selection of healthy and well cared for puppies from nothing less but the finest Miniature Pinscher breeders around. Just browse through our site and discover what we have in store for you.

Find Miniature Pinscher Puppies for Sale

Before you adopt a dog, you need to make sure that the Miniature Pinscher for sale is the perfect match for you. This means that you need to have sufficient knowledge on the breed. You must also have enough resources to search for credible breeders that provide happy and healthy Miniature Pinscher puppies for sale. However, this takes up more time and energy than you’d like to spend.

We can do all this for you and more. With our expertise in the given field, we will be able to simplify the process and help you find Miniature Pinscher puppies in record time.

Breed Summary

Miniature Pinscher Dog breed info sites dub this dog as the “King of Toys,” and for good reason, too. They are a compact breed that stands no more than 12 inches tall and weighs a maximum of 10 lbs. However, don’t let his size fool you – this breed’s bravery can match others 3-times his size. His weapon of choice? None other than his high-pitched voice. He is a self-designated watchdog that will bark at strangers and unfamiliar objects. Moreover, they are a low-maintenance breed that doesn’t need to be bathed as its short, glossy fur is virtually "dirt-proof".

Although it is part of the Miniature Pinscher characteristic to be affectionate and loyal, proper training is before you can let tots play with him. Small dogs tend to be easily agitated and may snap when treated roughly, albeit unintentionally. This can easily be avoided by treating this pooch gently. Additional information on the breed can be found in our “Facts and Information” section.

Perfect Matched Breed

Now that you know the basics of this tiny pooch’s temperament, characteristics and care, you are now ready for Miniature Pinscher adoption. Don’t fret as we will handle all the nitty-gritty for you. We will make sure that the terms and conditions will be in your favor. We shall also ensure that you will only receive properly matched Miniature Pinscher puppies from quality Miniature Pinscher breeders that meet our standards. We will aid you achieve your goal of forming a happy family with your pup. A more detailed description on the process can be found in the “Happy Puppy Placement” section of this site.

Facts - Overview

Stand back everybody because the “King of Toys” is here to show you who’s boss. Hint: it’s most definitely not you. this high-strung breed is often described in Miniature Pinscher breed info sites as proud and willful, despite its tiny frame. If you don’t show this breed who’s boss, he will surely take the throne and rule you and your family. He shall dub thee Sir Barkthur – The Feeder of Royalty and your children shall be his loyal cohorts and occasional cuddle buddies.

If you want to adopt a Miniature Pinscher, you have to be a strong and consistent leader who is capable of enforcing house rules and exhibiting dominance over this pup. Once you’ve got that settled, you can expect an affectionate and entertaining companion who will protect you from anything that poses a threat.

This lively pooch has a high-pitched voice that could reach many decibels beyond what is tolerable – one that they use as a formidable weapon against unfamiliar or potentially threatening people or objects. Unfortunately, it could backfire and become annoying for you, the dog owner. To control this behavior, train your puppy at an early age. Allow him or her to learn proper manners early on.

The Miniature Pinscher dog breed is a well-known escape artist. One moment, you see him in your yard, lazing about. The next moment, you may see him prancing on your neighbor’s lawn. Be sure to inspect your house for possible escape routes.

People with active lifestyles and packed schedules are well suited for this breed. Grooming the Miniature Pinscher is a breeze and his energy is seemingly boundless. He can go on long runs and daily walks without breaking a sweat. He is also very curious and will chase down or chew on random small objects he fancies. To control this behavior, be sure to give this dog chew toys and the like to keep him entertained and to prevent him from gnawing on random objects. Also, keep medicines and other harmful substances in cabinets or other areas that this pooch cannot reach.

As you can see, although this toy breed may have some flaws, he possesses endearing qualities that will melt your heart away. And although this dog never got to brush shoulders or shake paws with the Queen, he is still an honorary member of the Royal Family – that is, the toy family.

Facts - Personality

The Miniature Pinscher may be dubbed as the “King of Toys,” but he is most definitely not just another passive plaything. This is a proud and sassy breed that is capable of so much love – both for himself and for the people in his life. As a matter of fact, the Miniature Pinscher personality is so colorful that it puts rainbows to shame. Here’s a closer look at the hues this pooch radiates:

Hardy: The Miniature Pinscher doesn’t feel miniature at all. In fact, he fancies himself as a big dog with a very big bite (figuratively speaking, that is). He will charge at anything or anyone that poses a threat to the safety of this dog and his family – regardless of its size. He is the self-designated protector of the house and he will employ every means possible to fulfill his job.

Spirited: The American Kennel Club originally categorized the Miniature Pinscher as a Terrier before reclassifying him as a Toy Breed specifically because of his lively personality and almost inexhaustible energy reserves.

Proud: The Miniature Pinscher has every reason to proud. With his glossy coat and all-around good looks, this pup stands tall, radiating with confidence. You may be able to stuff this dog in a puppy purse and he may let you do it, but he does not like being treated as an accessory.

Devoted: It doesn’t take much to make this dog fall in love with you. Just show him a little affection and he will most definitely reciprocate tenfold. The thing about Miniature Pinscher temperament is that once he starts loving you, he doesn’t know how to stop.

Curious: Because he was originally bred to be a ratter, this breed is easily intrigued by anything that moves – even inanimate objects. You will often see your precious pooch embark on many different adventures in a constant plight for discovery to satisfy his curiosity. You may want to put away medications and other harmful substances because this dog might chew on them.

Facts - Care

One of the most basic aspects of Miniature Pinscher puppy care is training, which should be commenced the moment you bring your pup home. Since this breed possesses remarkable intelligence, he will be able to absorb al the needed information as early as his 8th week of life. There are specialized places that provide a venue for socialization as an adjunct to the Miniature Pinscher training regimen called puppy kindergarten. You can enroll your pup there when he reaches 10 weeks old.

These dogs are full of energy and should be taken out for walks every day. You might notice that this dog has a hackney gait. That is to say, he walks with a distinctive prance. Additional activity requirements include a minimum of 10 minutes of rigorous exercise 1-2 times a week. This can range anywhere from running to swimming to hiking. Doing so allows them to use up their excess energy and become balanced dogs with a mellow temperament for the rest of the day.

Be consistent when rendering Miniature Pinscher care. They are dominant by nature and will only follow strong leaders who are capable of exhibiting their alpha male (or female) status. As with all breeds, be sure to use positive reinforcement and food rewards. Never, ever hurt your dog – even when reinforcing negative behavior. They may take it as a threat to their personal wellbeing and can snap at you. remember: dogs will mirror the kind of behavior you show them. Treat them well and they shall be kind to you.

Facts - Grooming


The Miniature Pinscher stays true to his name; he is a small dog with small proportions. His narrow head should have a flat top. It is supported by a slender, arched neck that connects to a lean and compact body. The paws are cat-like and all four legs must be long and lean.

The ears are big, triangular and stand erect, though some owners may have them cropped. This should be complemented by oval-shape eyes that are positioned just on top its prominent muzzle. The face should be adorned with a black nose and the teeth form a scissor bite. The tail is naturally long, but most dog owners have it docked during puppyhood.

Coat and Color

The so-called ‘King of Toys’ is crowned with a short, hard and glossy coat that lies flat on his back. He comes in shades of chocolate, stag red, solid red, rust and black.

Size and Weight

Ideally, dogs of this breed stand at 10 - 12 inches tall and weigh around 8 – 10 lbs. They should be square in proportion – that is, their length should be similar to their height. Females are a little bit longer than their male counterparts.

Grooming Needs

Miniature Pinscher grooming is an easy task. Their short, smooth coat is immune to tangles and highly resistant to dirt. They only need to be brushed one to two times a week to remove dead strands of hair and to maintain the glossiness of their coat. As for bathing, only do so when the need arises. This breed can easily be cleaned up by rubbing a warm, damp towel over their tender frames every other day.

The Miniature Pinscher is prone to dental problems. Due to its small mouth, the teeth may not have enough room to grow and may become impacted. Be sure to have your veterinarian check up on their teeth regularly. To keep the gums healthy and to prevent the development of cavities, use a soft-bristled brush and a veterinarian-approved toothpaste when brushing the teeth. 

Clip the nails once every two weeks. Consult a groomer if you do not know how to groom Miniature Pinscher nails. Check up on the ears often. Keep them clean by wiping the outer portion with a damp cotton ball. Look out for signs of infection such as a foul-smelling odor or purulent discharge. 

Facts - Health

Miniature Pinschers usually live for a good 15 years. They rarely develop any debilitating health conditions, save for dental and orthopedic ailments. A common concern in Miniature Pinscher health is its luxating patellas. This is a prevailing condition in toy breeds where their patellas (knee caps) become slightly wobbly and may pop out of place. This usually occurs when the dog is obese and his slender legs are not capable of supporting the excess weight.

To prevent such a disease, be sure to feed your dog a well-balanced diet. Min Pins only eat small portions of food because their tiny bodies could only contain so much food. Consult your vet on the appropriate food rations for this breed. Also, pair this up with regular exercise to keep the dog’s body lean and muscular.

Since the Miniature Pinscher has a tiny mouth, the teeth may not have enough room to grow and may become impacted. Be sure to have these checked up on regularly to ensure proper growth of the teeth, especially during this pup’s formative years (the 1st year of life).

All these maladies are completely preventable given the proper Miniature Pinscher nutrition and care. The most basic health intervention you could render to your pooch is timely vaccination and regular visits to the veterinarian. This is the most important preventive measure every dog owner should take.

Facts - History

There isn’t much information on the history of Miniature Pinscher. Contrary to popular belief, he is not a descendant of the Doberman Pinscher. In fact, this tiny canine preceded the Doberman Pinscher by more than 2 centuries. Their striking resemblance is believed to be due to a common link in their ancestry - the German Pinscher. This means that they are only cousins by affinity and not by blood.

The Germans first assigned them with field patrol duties a.k.a. ratting. However, throughout the course of Miniature Pinscher history, they adopted additional roles such as a vigilant watchdog and a beloved companion. These jobs come natural to them due to their highly animated nature, unwavering devotion, and ear-piercing bark.

The Miniature Pinscher initially gained popularity in Germany (its hometown) and in Scandinavian countries. It did not take them long to gain worldwide attention. They were first listed in the AKC on 1925, where they were categorized as Terriers due to the nature of their original job. But they were later renamed as Toy Breeds in 1930. There haven’t been any considerable changes in their physical appearance over the past few centuries.

These pups currently rank 40th in the AKC popularity polls, which is the lowest ranking it has received in the past decade. Nevertheless, the Miniature Pinscher does not feel the slightest bit shaken by his declining popularity because he knows that he will always remain #1 in his owner’s heart – and that’s all that matters to him. 

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