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Knight the Cockapoo

Knight (ID 428770)

Knight is a male black Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on July 15, 2015, so he's 11 weeks old now.

Knight is a beautiful and very playful little fellow with lots of personality. He has a very shiny and wavy hair coat that is thick and will be... [read more]


Snickers the Cockapoo

Snickers (ID 428741)

Snickers is a male black & white Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on July 24, 2015, so he's 10 weeks old now.

"Hello! My name is Snickers! I love to play, and I'm a great sport. I also love children. I have a great personality and I enjoy going for walks... [read more]


Mark the Cockapoo

Mark (ID 428996)

Mark is a male black Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on August 11, 2015, so he's 7 weeks old now.

Mark is the perfect, little guy! He has both great looks and a great personality! This little sweetheart will bring tons of love into your home.... [read more]


Molly the Cockapoo

Molly (ID 428998)

Molly is a female chocolate brindle Cockapoo puppy.

She was born on August 11, 2015, so she's 7 weeks old now.

Meet our little princess, Molly! She loves to wake up early and take long morning walks in the fresh air. Molly has her favorite toys and can play... [read more]


Mitch the Cockapoo

Mitch (ID 429001)

Mitch is a male chocolate Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on August 11, 2015, so he's 7 weeks old now.

This is Mitch! This handsome guy is going to be the hottest thing on the block; look at that attractive coat! Get ready to be the envy of the... [read more]


Cody ("willy" Found My New Forever Home! :) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Cody ("willy" Found My New Forever Home! :) (ID 430001)

Cody is a male black Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on July 28, 2015, so he's 9 weeks old now.

Cody is a sweet boy from excellent parents. He is coal black with a great shine to his coat. He's got a white chin, so cute! You can tell he's a... [read more]

"Minnesota is my new home!"

Midnight (Bruce & Poo's New Baby!) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Midnight (Bruce & Poo's New Baby!) (ID 430009)

Midnight is a male black Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on July 28, 2015, so he's 9 weeks old now.

Midnight is a sweet boy out of excellent parents. He is coal black with a great shine to his coat and a couple of white freckles under his chin... [read more]

"I can't wait to see California!"

Napa (Going To My New Home) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Napa (Going To My New Home) (ID 428847)

Napa is a male buff Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on August 9, 2015, so he's 8 weeks old now.

Stop right there! You have found your new baby boy. Napa is as adorable as a puppy can be. He will be sure to shower you with his puppy love... [read more]

The talk of South Carolina!

Nugget (Going Home Im Ready) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Nugget (Going Home Im Ready) (ID 428849)

Nugget is a female red Cockapoo puppy.

She was born on August 9, 2015, so she's 8 weeks old now.

Meet Nugget! Isnt she simply precious? Nugget loves to run and romp around all day. But after a long day of playing, she will love nothing more... [read more]

"I can't wait to see Washington!"

Sammy (Hang On Magda, I'm On My Way!) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Sammy (Hang On Magda, I'm On My Way!) (ID 429872)

Sammy is a male red Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on August 14, 2015, so he's 7 weeks old now.

Don’t you just have to know this cutie’s name? Well its Sammy, and he is just waiting for you to give him that forever home he is looking for.... [read more]

"I can't wait to see Massachusetts!"

Dex (Sharon's New Little Guy!) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Dex (Sharon's New Little Guy!) (ID 429874)

Dex is a male buff Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on August 14, 2015, so he's 7 weeks old now.

Hi! My name is Dex and I promise to be the meaning of love. Someone who makes you feel good about living, who brings out the you that you like... [read more]

Colorado's newest resident!

Marley (I Found My Forever Home!) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Marley (I Found My Forever Home!) (ID 429876)

Marley is a male apricot Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on August 14, 2015, so he's 7 weeks old now.

Marley is a delightful little boy. He always makes us laugh at his funny puppy antics. Marley is a curious puppy with a playful personality. He is... [read more]

"Massachusetts, here I come!"

Michell (I Found My Furever Home) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Michell (I Found My Furever Home) (ID 428993)

Michell is a female buff Cockapoo puppy.

She was born on August 11, 2015, so she's 7 weeks old now.

Come one, come all! Come and see the belle of the ball! Michell is definitely the puppy of your dreams. Cuties like these are a rare find, so dont... [read more]

"Oregon, here I come!"

Manny (The Ghavamian's New Baby Boy) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Manny (The Ghavamian's New Baby Boy) (ID 428994)

Manny is a male buff Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on August 11, 2015, so he's 7 weeks old now.

Meet Manny! He is as handsome and loving as they come. Manny will be sure to win your heart over with just one look. This little pup is always up... [read more]

Massachusetts's newest resident!

Sugar and Spice (Going Home Soon!) the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new home!Sugar and Spice (Going Home Soon!) (ID 425369)

Sugar and Spice is a female blue merle Cockapoo puppy.

She was born on July 24, 2015, so she's 10 weeks old now.

Sugar and Spice is a darling girl, with very pretty markings. She will be in the spotlight! She is the biggest snuggle bug and loves children. She... [read more]

The talk of Texas!

Hershey Kiss the Cockapoo

Unavailable - Found a new homeHershey Kiss (ID 425371)

Hershey Kiss is a male blue merle Cockapoo puppy.

He was born on July 24, 2015, so he's 10 weeks old now.

Meet our handsome little guy, Hershey Kiss. This little man is lots of fun and plays daily with by children. His charming smile and winning... [read more]



Cockapoos are adorable dogs that resulted from cross breeding the equally popular and lovable cocker spaniel and poodle. Characteristics and personalities differ among litters because they largely depend on the inherited characteristics, but they do become evident in each pup. As a result, making a cockapoo part of your home is a decision you shouldn’t make lightly. Rest assured, our Cockapoo breeders provide the healthiest puppies that you can choose from. Learn more about this breed and what to expect when you own one so you can give them the best care before looking through listings of Cockapoo puppies for sale.

Find Cockapoo Puppies for Sale

Now that you are here, you just made your search for Cockapoo for sale much easier. One thing you should know when you find Cockapoo puppies is that you should be meticulous in looking for trustworthy breeders. You need to know the full health history of the pup and his parents, as well as a full profile on their temperaments and personalities. We will do all these for you. We make sure that all of the Cockapoo puppies for sale that we have are all healthy and properly screened. We also provide tips and information to help you understand this breed better.

Breed Summary

Before committing to raising a pup of this breed, there are a few important cockapoo dog breed info that you should know. Cockapoos are cross breeds, which make them a bit difficult to place in a single profile. The cockapoo characteristics, appearance, temperament and personalities vary, even if the puppies belong to the same litter. Some would exhibit short curly poodle-like hair, or long, straight cocker coats. The best way to determine and predict how a puppy will eventually behave when full grown heavily depends on the parents’ behaviors. But with the right training, understanding and care, cockapoos can grow up to be lovable, well-behaved, and well-adjusted members of the family.

Perfect Matched Breed

Cross breeds like the Cockapoo are delightful to have in the home, because if you get them from reputable breeders, you could end up with just the right pup. Most potential problems can be avoided if the matched Cockapoo puppies are from trustworthy breeders. We have an efficient adoption process that makes certain that the puppies we provide to new families are healthy. We have a carefully selected pool of Cockapoo breeders that can be entrusted to raise healthy puppies. We further make sure that before the puppies go home to you, they are up-to-date in their health and registration requirements. For more information on our Cockapoo adoption process, read our happy placement section.

Facts - Overview

The Cockapoo dog breed is a result of a cross between a poodle (either a toy or miniature poodle) and a cocker spaniel. This breed is cheerful, a characteristic that it inherited from the Cocker Spaniel side, and intelligent, which is inherited from the Poodle side of the family. These pups are great with children and are friendly to everyone. They get along well with other dogs, as well with cats.

Their appearance varies, depending on which side of the family tree is more dominantly manifested. In general, the coats are slightly curly. More common coat colors are cream, tan or combination of brown and white. There a few that has silver, red or black coats.

Cockapos are moderate shedders. Their soft hair needs regular grooming for good health and appearance. Some breeders and owners get the Cockapoo’s tail docked. Some prefer to leave it naturally looking like a feathery extension over the dog’s rear.

Cockapoos make excellent family and companion dogs. They love to be around people, but they could get so attached to you that they may experience separation anxiety if left alone for quite some time. Owners should spend adequate time playing with and walking their dogs to prevent that. These dogs should not be left alone or left outside for a long time because they need to be around people most of the time.

Another important Cockapoo breed info that owners need to know is about training. Trainability depends on what side of the family tree is more dominant. If the puppy has a stronger Cocker side, training may be a bit more difficult compared to those who have more dominant Poodle side. Positive reinforcements like food rewards and praise, with firm and consistent approach produce better results. Training should start as early as possible, preferably right on the day they are brought home. The sooner the training starts, the better the chances the Cockapoo will turn out to be a well-behaved dog. 

Facts - Personality

The Cockapoo is one of the oldest and most well-loved of all cross breeds. They are small and cute with their curly, soft hair, but it is the Cockapoo personality that wins people over; these pups are pretty sweet and just adorable.

They are cheerful and very sociable. They get along well with other dogs, even with cats. They love to be around people, including children. This is most probably because both sides of their pedigree are companion dogs. And because they are people-oriented, they need to stay indoors with their family. They don’t do well when left outside or when left alone in the house for quite some time. They crave human companionship so strongly that at times, they may exhibit signs of separation anxiety. Barking, digging and some unruly, destructive behavior may be observed. The key to keep them in line is to give them adequate attention and set aside time for play each day.

They have the intelligence of their Poodle side and the cheerfulness of their Cocker Spaniel side. As a result, they can be pretty easy to train, especially if the Poodle side is more dominant.

Cockapoo temperament is heavily influenced by the temperament of the parents. And, like most other dogs, they also have a tendency for excessive barking and some unruly behavior when they get bored.

Adequate exercise and spending quality time playing helps keep them happy. They are naturally active dogs since the breed originates from working and hunting dogs (on both sides, Cocker Spaniel and Poodle). Even if they are naturally people-oriented, Cockapoos still need to be allowed to socialize. Early socialization helps them to be more at ease around other pets and humans. 

Facts - Care

Proper Cockapoo care and training is essential to have a healthy, happy and well-adjusted dog. Even with the Cockapoo’s easygoing personality, owners still need to be dedicated to keeping their pup happy.

These active dogs require lots of attention and owners need to be dedicated enough to give them the time and attention they need. Cockapoo puppy care includes early socialization, as well potty training and adequate nutrition.

Grooming does not require anything fancy as this breed is considered a low-shedder.

They love to play and be around people, so it is important to spend quality time with them for a few hours each day. They may be small but they still need to get some regular, moderate exercise. At least get them outdoors for walking around and some active play each day.

Cockapoo training on obedience should start as early as the moment they arrive home. Waiting until they reach 6 months old may be too late for most Cockapoos, especially those who have a strong Poodle side. Puppy kindergarten class for Cockapoos 10-12 weeks old is recommended in order to teach socialization skills. Involving them in dog sports such as flyball and agility can also help in maintaining good health and temperament.

Facts - Grooming

Owners generally have an easy time with cockapoo grooming needs. The hair is soft and curly, which are lightly shed. The coats are either wavy or curly. A few would either have straight Cocker hair or typical Poodle coats. The hair is soft and can be groomed either in Cocker or Poodle style. Cockapoos with curlier coat that resemble a Poodle’s may have to be taken for professional grooming every 4-6 weeks.

One helpful tip on how to groom Cockapoo is by using puppy clips. The body coat can be trimmed to fluffy short lengths. On the legs, the hair is allowed to look a bit fuller than the rest of the body. The tail can be docked or groomed into a long, plumy fashion.

Daily brushing is necessary even if they are low-shedders. This helps to remove any dead skin cells and hair, as well as any loose hair. Natural oils are distributed evenly to keep the hair and coat healthy. Brushing also prevents the formation of mats, which increases the risk for infections on the skin and hair roots.

Cockapoos do not have to get a bikini wax but trimming the genital area helps in keeping this area clean. Urine and poo may smear the hair, inviting infections and causing bad body odor. Taking your dog to a professional groomer for a shave over the lower belly area is also a good option.

Regular baths are also recommended, but don’t do it too often as it may strip the protective oils from the coat. The hair on the face, however, has to be washed daily. The area beneath the eyes is prone to develop tear stains that are reddish brown in color. Daily face washing is highly recommended.

Carefully and thoroughly wipe the face clean after washing to discourage any stains from developing. Other grooming needs includes ear cleaning, tooth brushing and nail trimming. Brushing the teeth regularly with pet toothpaste approved by a veterinarian helps to prevent any periodontal diseases. Small dogs like the Cockapoo are especially prone to dental problems. Nails are trimmed every 2 weeks or so, according to necessity. Weekly ear cleaning with a solution approved by the vet is also helpful in preventing ear problems and infections.

Facts - Health

Cockapoo health is of course one of the top priorities in raising this breed. In general, Cockapoos live long lives, ranging from 14 to 18 years, with proper care, nutrition, and regular vet checkups.

Cockapoos are generally healthier as a result of the hybrid vigor that proper cross breeding techniques may induce. However, their health is mainly dependent on the genetics i.e. how healthy the parents are. If both parents are healthy, then the Cockapoo puppies will have a stronger constitution.

However, just like any other dog breed, Cockapoos are prone to develop a few diseases. They can also suffer from a few problems such as patellar luxation, characterized by the kneecaps sliding in and out of its socket. This can be a very painful condition that can affect walking and running abilities. Any sign of limping should alert owners and bring the dog to the vet for immediate check up and treatment. Other potential problems include eye disorders like cataracts (which is a prevalent condition among Cockers) and skin allergies.

Regular checkup, proper grooming and adequate exercise greatly help in reducing any potential health problems. Proper Cockapoo nutrition is also very important. Feed them once or twice a day. Occasional treats may be given but should be within the training limits. Giving treats too often would defeat the purpose of using it as appositive reinforcement for obedience training. It may also predispose the dog to develop obesity. That said, proper and adequate amounts of care can help Cockapoos reach their full life expectancy. 

Facts - History

Early accounts about the history of Cockapoo indicate that this breed is the oldest designer hybrid. That is, this is the first cross breed that was intentionally created. The breed is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Toy or Miniature Poodle.

The Cocker Spaniel ancestor originated from Britain and was originally bred for hunting woodcock. However, most Cockapoos today have American Cocker Spaniel ancestors. Those who have an English Cocker Spaniel side are still around, though not very common. The Miniature Poodle was bred for water retrieving and for hunting. The Toy Poodle was developed in 19th century Britain mainly as “sleeve dogs”, dogs who rode women’s sleeves in those days. A Cocker cross bred with either a Toy or a Miniature Poodle would result in the Cockapoo. The difference would be seen in how curly the hair appears. The Cockapoo tends to inherit different sets of traits from both parent breeds. However, it is most often observed that one side would manifest more strongly than the other. For example, one pup would display straight Cocker hair and another pup from the same litter would exhibit curly Poodle hair.

Cockapoo history started in the US during the 50’s and gained popularity over the years. Their adorable personality that comes along with their cute appearance won hearts of many through the years. The breed, however, is not yet recognized by the AKC. In 1998, Mary D. Foley founded the Cockapoo Club of America. 


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