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What families are saying about their new puppies!

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"My baby's birthday was yesterday January 3rd. He is one year old now. He is a good boy and we love him so much!! "

Vanna and Mia

"Lily (AKA Vanna) & Lola (AKA Mia) are wonderful parts of our family. They love California life and are incredibly great dogs. Besides loving life here, they are inseparable from their cats, Moneypenny & Q. Thank you for helping us find them. Debra & ...Read More"

Little Miss Dexi Rae

"We named her Little Miss Dexi Rae, and we absolutely adore her She has brought so much joy and laughter to our household. She rules the household in her special way, she makes sure we never forget treat time, or to play a game of chase. She looks ...Read More"


"Here is a picture of Martini. She is absolutely precious!"