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Champion Bloodlines
Bella the Cane Corso

Bella (ID 412669)

Bella is a female black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on May 5, 2015, so she's 12 weeks old now.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all? Bella is! No one can deny her beauty! She's the princess of the castle and knows it.... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Lola the Cane Corso

Lola (ID 412958)

Lola is a female black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on May 5, 2015, so she's 12 weeks old now.

Lola is such a sweet girl and would love to be your best friend for life. Imagine all the fun you'll have with this cutie. You can take her for... [read more]


Ruby the Cane Corso

Ruby (ID 414910)

Ruby is a female black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on May 11, 2015, so she's 11 weeks old now.

Ruby is the sweetest puppy you will ever find. She loves to play with balls, ropes, and children. Ruby has over 40 champions in her eight... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Blake the Cane Corso

Blake (ID 421548)

Blake is a female black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on May 24, 2015, so she's 10 weeks old now.

"Hello there! My name is Blake and I want you to pick me! I love to snuggle and be as cute as can be! My parents said I'm perfectly healthy and up... [read more]


Rudy the Cane Corso

Rudy (ID 414919)

Rudy is a male black Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on May 11, 2015, so he's 11 weeks old now.

Rudy is a very macho black puppy. He is everything you want to see with his markings. Rudy will be up to date on his vaccinations and comes with... [read more]


Merlot the Cane Corso

Merlot (ID 421299)

Merlot is a female black Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on June 14, 2015, so she's 7 weeks old now.

Dog lovers, you’re in for a treat! Merlot is the biggest of her litter. She loves to explore outdoors and play with her siblings. She's curious... [read more]


Fancy the Cane Corso

Fancy (ID 421624)

Fancy is a female black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on June 14, 2015, so she's 7 weeks old now.

"Hi, my name is Fancy! I love playing outside more than anything. I'm an adventurer and love to explore my surroundings. I love to play with my... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Lily the Cane Corso

Lily (ID 410817)

Lily is a female blue Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on March 23, 2015, so she's 18 weeks old now.

"Hello, I am Lily. But that doesn't mean I'm a wall flower. In my family, I've made a name for myself for being right in the middle of anything... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Dayna the Cane Corso

Dayna (ID 410803)

Dayna is a female blue Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on March 23, 2015, so she's 18 weeks old now.

"Care to meet me? My name is Dayna. I am the trickster in this family. If everyone else is napping, I try to wake them up! If they are relaxing,... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Deen the Cane Corso

Deen (ID 410806)

Deen is a male blue Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on March 23, 2015, so he's 18 weeks old now.

"My name is Deen and I want tell you a secret. My human mama thinks I am the most handsome puppy she has ever seen! I have a very small white... [read more]


Charlene the Cane Corso

Charlene (ID 414915)

Charlene is a female blue Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on May 11, 2015, so she's 11 weeks old now.

This blue female is a gorgeous Cane Corso! You won't be disappointed in choosing her, because she will be the greatest friend you ever had. When... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Xango the Cane Corso

Xango (ID 418258)

Xango is a male black Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on June 1, 2015, so he's 8 weeks old now.

Xango is a delightful little boy. He always makes us laugh at his funny puppy antics. Xango is a curious puppy with a playful personality. He is... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Xana the Cane Corso

Xana (ID 418263)

Xana is a female black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on June 1, 2015, so she's 8 weeks old now.

“Hi! My name is Xana! I am looking for my forever family. I am looking for someone who enjoys the little things in life like cuddling on the... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Alma the Cane Corso

Alma (ID 418267)

Alma is a female black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on June 1, 2015, so she's 8 weeks old now.

“I see you there, staring at me! You couldn't help yourself, could you? I can't say that I blame. A gorgeous puppy like me deserves to be... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Onyx the Cane Corso

Onyx (ID 417292)

Onyx is a male black Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on May 29, 2015, so he's 9 weeks old now.

“Why hello everyone! My name is Onyx and it is so nice to meet you! I'm a little puppy that loves his people. I am quite the character. I do... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Vinny the Cane Corso

Vinny (ID 418201)

Vinny is a male black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on May 15, 2015, so he's 11 weeks old now.

Vinny is very energetic, he is a social butterfly and is very perky and curious. Vinny is a big boy full of lots of hugs and kisses. Once you gaze... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Yoda the Cane Corso

Yoda (ID 420510)

Yoda is a male blue brindle Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on April 30, 2015, so he's 13 weeks old now.

Yoda is a gorgeous blue brindle with white markings. He is so friendly and likes to play, look at his beautiful eyes. This puppy is one of a kind,... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Darth the Cane Corso

Darth (ID 420511)

Darth is a male black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on April 28, 2015, so he's 13 weeks old now.

This handsome fellow is Darth! Darth loves to play, but takes nap time very seriously. Most days, he can be found lounging on the couch, cuddling... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Jose the Cane Corso

Jose (ID 420519)

Jose is a male black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on April 28, 2015, so he's 13 weeks old now.

“Hi! Do you enjoy long walks at the park and having snugly cuddle fests? My name is Jose, and I am the perfect puppy for you! I am a feisty... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Tana the Cane Corso

Tana (ID 420520)

Tana is a female fawn Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on April 30, 2015, so she's 13 weeks old now.

“Well, hello there! My name is Tana and I'm a little cutie. I’ve been told that I am extremely playful and peppy, loads of fun, personable, oh... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Hunter the Cane Corso

Hunter (ID 420523)

Hunter is a male fawn Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on April 30, 2015, so he's 13 weeks old now.

Look no further! You have found your new baby boy. Hunter is exactly what you have been looking for, perfect in every way. He loves playing ball... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Max the Cane Corso

Max (ID 420537)

Max is a male black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on April 28, 2015, so he's 13 weeks old now.

Max is the perfect, little guy! He has both great looks and a great personality! This little sweetheart will bring tons of love into your home. He... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Brian the Cane Corso

Brian (ID 420271)

Brian is a male black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

He was born on June 11, 2015, so he's 7 weeks old now.

"Hello, my name is Brian and i love to play with my owner's daughters. I am energetic but when it's hot I love to stretch out in a cool place and... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Sabella the Cane Corso

Sabella (ID 415560)

Sabella is a female gray brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on May 24, 2015, so she's 10 weeks old now.

"Sabella is my name and cuteness is my game. I am in search of my forever home. With someone that will spoil me, and love me. I have champions on... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Athena the Cane Corso

Athena (ID 416877)

Athena is a female black brindle Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on May 24, 2015, so she's 10 weeks old now.

This girl is simply awesome. Athena comes from champion lines on both mom and dads side. She has been raised strictly indoors and is handled every... [read more]


Champion Bloodlines
Paris the Cane Corso

Paris (ID 417286)

Paris is a female blue Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on May 29, 2015, so she's 9 weeks old now.

“Hi, my name is Paris. I am looking for someone to play with. I love to play fetch; it’s my favorite game. When I get tired, I will come and... [read more]


Buttercup the Cane Corso

Buttercup (ID 411317)

Buttercup is a female fawn Cane Corso puppy.

She was born on April 4, 2015, so she's 17 weeks old now.

“Hello! My name is Buttercup! I am like a ray of sunshine that is ready to brighten up you life. I will take you back in time and bring that... [read more]



‘Cane Corso’ is Latin for ‘protector,’ which is a befitting name for a descendant of ancient warrior dogs.It is a breed that exudes power and elegance, as evidenced by its muscular build and noble features. But don’t let its ‘grumpy’ look fool you. This pooch is actually a gentle and loving companion that often follows you around-sometimes to ask for belly rubs, but mostly to keep a watchful eye over you. If you are impressed by its endearing qualities, you can take a look at ou rCane Corso puppies that have been bred by reputable Cane Corso breeders. You might just find your perfect match.

Find Cane Corso Puppies for Sale

Looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale is not an easy task.It takes days–even weeks–of searching for the right breeders and for a compatible and healthy Cane Corso for sale. It consumes a huge amount of your time, energy, and patience. That is why we are here to help you.

We have a considerable amount of experience in puppy placement and we possess the needed skills and knowledge to help you find Cane Corso puppies from quality breeders. We will deal with all the nitty-gritty so all you have to do is get ready to welcome a majestic and loyal Cane Corso pup into your loving home.

Breed Summary

Allow us to introduce you to the new pup on the block – the Cane Corso. Dog breed info sites often describe this breed as a quiet, strong and dependable companion that radiates an air of dignity – a combination of qualities that is rare in dogs. It does not pose many demands, both in the physical and emotional aspects; its fur is short and does not need to be groomed often and it is not needy. In fact, it is a self-designated protector of your home. Perhaps the best word to describe theprevailingCane Corso characteristicis ‘majestic.’To know more about the Cane Corso and its knightly duties, you may explore the ‘Facts and Information’ section of this site.

Perfect Matched Breed

After reading about this breed’s characteristics and history, you might agree that it is easy fall in love with the Cane Corso. Adoption of this breed, however, is even easier. With our organized placement system and our roster of reputable Cane Corso breeders, we have simplified the process for you. Just head over to the ‘Happy Puppy Placement’ section for more details on the process. We will help you find perfectly matched Cane Corso puppies and, more importantly, the start of a beautiful life with a healthy and compatible pup.

Facts - Overview

Here comes a big, beefy,and bright Italian dog that emanates an air of nobility. Some call it a silent protector - the Cane Corso dog breed. It is a short-haired dog with pointy, bat-like ears, a square-shaped head, a low-set tail and a massive and muscular body. The AKC classifies it as a working breed, with its usual job being a guard dog.

You must gear yourself with Cane Corso breed info before opting for adoption. It will help you determine your compatibility with this dog and if you are capable of fulfilling his needs. Moreover, it will help you establish the right approach to bring out all the best things about this breed–and there are a lot!

The first thing you need to know about Cane Corsos is that they are very protective and take their guarding duties seriously. You may often find it scanning the perimeter in search of anything that could pose harm to its family.

Unlike most breeds, the Cane Corso is quiet. It will only bark if the need arises-that is, when it detects suspicious activity or actual danger. It only takes one snap for it to transform from a lax and lenient dog to a brave and strong protector. However, since it is territorial by nature, you should let this dog socialize with many different people and animals to prevent any hostile tendencies from arising.

Sometimes, when left to its own devices, this strong-willed pooch will rule over your family. That is why you must establish early on your role as the pack leader. To do so, you must be firm and consistent yet loving and gentle.

Cane Corsos are also athletic and intelligent. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation (i.e. training and play) to keep them physically fit and happy. This makes them the perfect match for outdoorsy types. They are also best suited for families with children aged 9 or older. They are also eager to please its master and are therefore easy to train.

Despite their tough and dependable nature, the Cane Corso loves the attention and affection he receives from his family. In fact, he will often follow you around, possibly stare at you big-eyed, and melt your heart with his irresistible charm.

All in all, this breed is a magnificent example of a dog or, as their Italian ancestors would say, magnifique!

Facts - Personality

The Cane Corso has gone through tough times – to the point of almost becoming extinct. The breed’s saving force was the Cane Corso personality and charm. It is a rare combination of power, nobility and gentleness – one that had caught the attention and, presumably the hearts, of a few dog enthusiasts who started a Cane Corso breeding program. These qualities they hold are what define this breed and are what saved them from extinction:

Protective: Since the Cane Corso is a direct descendant of ancient Roman warrior dogs, it would only be natural for their desire to protect what they hold dear to become like second nature. In fact, fanciers of this breed say that its protective nature remains unparalleled amongst domesticated canine breeds. They take the initiative to patrol the household premises to inspect for any sign of danger or suspicious activity.

Strong: It is evident, with their muscular build, that these dogs are powerhouses. This is what makes them capable guard dogs and reliable companions. Sometimes, however, they may come off as a little too strong and may try to rule the household. You must be firm and consistent to establish your role as the pack leader.

Quiet: The Cane Corso is known to be the silent type. They will only bark when they detect something that is out-of-the-ordinary or when faced with a potential threat.

Loyal: These dogs are devoted to their master, just like any dutiful warrior would be. However, unlike said warriors, this pooch’s loyalty is deeply rooted fromtheir unconditional love for their family.

Gentle: Despite the soldier-like nature of the Cane Corso temperament, they are actually very gentle and affectionate.They are also aware of their own size and power – that is why they will interact with their owners with care. They do not want to hurt you.

Facts - Care

You should commence the Cane Corso training regimen the moment you bring your pup home, while he is still small and manageable. It should preferably start when your dog is 8 weeks old. This is a smart breed; the pups are capable of understanding and following instructions at an early age. But, to get this bred to follow your instructions, you must emanate an air of authority. Be firm and consistent because this dog needs an authoritative yet gentle person to take the lead. You must use positive reinforcement and food rewards – never, ever inflict physical harm to your dog. Even big guardian breeds need a loving hand to guide them.

Cane Corso puppy care also requires socialization with different animals and people to make sure that hostile tendencies, if any,would be curbed. This will allow them to grow into trustworthy and balanced dogs.

Although this is a heavy-set breed, it is actually quite athletic and energetic. However, since most of its energy is spent patrolling the area (an activity that they seem to enjoy), you only have to give them light to moderate exercise such as daily walks. Also, don’t forget to give your dog chew toys to keep them entertained and prevent them from ruining the furniture.

Proper Cane Corso care also includes an adequate amount of attention. You should never forget to spend time with your dog to build rapport and keep him happy. It will also allow your dog to love you more and more each day – if that is even possible.

Facts - Grooming


This big-boned dog may have never heard of a gym, but its body is covered in muscle and several layers of majesty. Its large, square-shaped head is adorned with small, bat-like ears that point inwards. On its midline lies a broad muzzle that houses strong teeth that form a scissor bite. This is complemented by prominent cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes.

The head is supported by a thick neck that traces towards a level back and a wide chest. The tail is normally long and slender.

Coat and Color

Cane Corsos sport a double coat with a soft and light inner layer and a harder and rougher outer layer. The fur should be short and dense. It comes in different shades of gray, black, red, chestnut, blue, and fawn. Some dogs may sport brindle-colored coats, which appear as white patches on the throat, paws, chest, chin, and neck along a predominantly dark coat. Dogs with solid red or fawn-hued coats may sport a gray or black mask on their face.

Size and Weight

The Cane Corso is a large dog whose males stand 25 – 26 inches tall and whose females fall a few inches shorter at 23 ½ - 26 inches tall. The former should weigh around 99 – 110 lbs and the latter must reach 88 – 99 lbs.

Grooming Needs

It is imperative for you to learn how to groom Cane Corso dogs because it will help you save money. Moreover, it is also fairly easy to do. Firstly, you should brush their fur with a soft-bristled brush once a week and bathe them once every three months. To keep the coat shiny and healthy, be sure to use a coat conditioner after applying a mild shampoo.

The rest of the Cane Corso grooming pointers to be discussed are generalized and should be done with all dog breeds. This is inclusive of ear, nail, and dental care.

Inspect the ears once a week for excess amounts of earwax or signs of infection (e.g. purulent discharge or a foul-smelling odor). Clean as needed. The teeth should be brushed weekly with the use of a soft-bristled toothbrush to eliminate the risk of plaque formation and to keep the gums and teeth healthy. The nails should be kept short to prevent any injuries make sure to cut them at least once a month or whenever they get too long.

Facts - Health

Although they are powerful and persevering dogs with a lifespan of 10 to 14 years, special attention must be placed on Cane Corso health. All dogs, regardless of the size or breed, have the potential to develop debilitating health conditions if they are not cared for properly. The best way to keep them healthy is by applying preventive measures.

The most basic care you could render to your dog is a proper diet. Be sure that you are providing appropriate and adequate Cane Corso nutrition through its meals. Be careful with overfeeding your dog. The Cane Corso is prone to bloating (the swelling of the stomach due to the accumulation of gas after a meal). To prevent such a condition, you must feed this breed small portions for their meals, but you may increase the frequency of feeding to meet its nutritional needs.

Older Cane Corso dogs are susceptible to eye problems such as ectroption (a condition where the eyelid turns outward) and entroption (a condition where the eyelid turns inward). Timely visits to the veterinarian and proper nutrition should prevent this problem.

Also, you must make sure that your dog has up-to-date vaccinations and booster shots. These will reinforce your dog’s immunity and prevent him from contracting some of the most common yet debilitating dog ailments.

Facts - History

Once upon a time, in the ancient land of Rome, there lived a mighty warrior called the Canis Pugnax. They were a strong, fairly large, and exceptionally brave canine that fought alongside its human companions in battles to defend their land and its inhabitants. However, after the unfortunate fall of the Roman Empire, this brave combatant was reassigned to fulfill less demanding duties in Italian farmlands. Its primary job was to watch over the property and its dwellers.

Many centuries later, this dog was bred to become gentler, smaller, and more suitable for a peaceful lifestyle, which led to the birth of the Cane Corso. History, however, has not been very kind to them. Industrialization caused their numbers to decline. They almost became extinct during the 2 World Wars.

In 1973, Giovanni Bonnetti introduced the Cane Corso–a dog from his childhood - to Dr. Paolo Breber. The latter most likely fell in love with this pooch and decided to start a breeding program to revive the breed. Not long after, they caught the attention of the general public and were recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale. Since then, their popularity continued to grow. They were frequently imported from Italy to America. But it was not until 2010 that they were officially registered in the AKC.

The history of Cane Corso breeds was certainly a rough one, but these brave and elegant canines went against all odds and thrived. Today, they have caught the hearts of thousands and are greatly valued for their loyalty, strength and gentleness.


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